Happy Birthday Lyndon LaRouche!

The best way to celebrate Lyndon LaRouche’s 92nd birthday would be to remove that pile of rocks Obama from the White House, and Boehner too! Then we can launch the greatest renaissance known to mankind, one which has already begun in China, largely thanks to Mr. LaRouche’s lifelong fight to destroy the British Empire and develop mankind in the image of Prometheus. The latest developments around the Chinese space program, and the international conference of the BRICS nations in Fortaleza, Brazil are testaments to this victory.

It’s now time for the United States to honor its greatest citizen and join the BRICS for a new world economic system, and herald in the end of Zeus and his destructive wars for a better humanity. That’s the option on the table, and Mr. LaRouche recently called on Bill Clinton to step in and pull the United States together and into this new system. In current national conditions only he has the ability to do this.

The Trans-Atlantic financial system is bankrupt, and Wall St. no longer has any power against the physical and scientific development of the BRICS and allied nations. It must have no power over the American people either, and this means Obama must be removed to lead the way to restore a functioning government, and the integrity of our nation and its principles. John Boehner should resign for covering up for Obama’s crimes. These failed leaders, and others in Congress, are demonstrating that they do not have the guts or quality of mind needed to defend the nation and its people. They are simply thinking about their own interest, and the comfort of “going along to get along,” while meanwhile, Lyndon LaRouche is dedicating himself to creating the future. This lack of courageous leadership and acting for the future is why our nation has utterly collapsed. In answer to a question at his Friday, September 5th webcast, about the proper role of government, LaRouche referred to the appropriate basis for individual human identity in a mission orientation devoted to the future good:

“It’s the discovery of oneself, the true discovery of oneself. To understand what one’s mission is in life… You want to be an object floating in space? Or, do you want to have a mission, which is more powerful than you are, which will guarantee that what you’re doing, is going to be more important than you have ever known before. It’s the point of realization of one’s self, where one’s recognition of one’s self chooses now, to define what’s important about you. And therefore you now obey what you know, is the most important thing that you could know, and you stick to that. You do not bend, nor break. You are committed to the achievement of that goal, and you let the goal consume you. Let the goal consume you, and rejoice in the experience.”

This has been the basis of LaRouche’s leadership which stands in stark contrast to almost every individual on the political landscape today. It is so with the other great leaders of history. The immortal mission that founded our nation must be brought back into play, Obama must be thrown to the dustbins of history, and the United States must become again a moral pillar of the world. Let us all act with this historic identity, impeach Obama, and secure victory for the future!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Lyndon LaRouche!

  1. Gustav says:

    I can only say, Mr, Lyndon LaRouche a true Warrior, bless you with all the blessings awesome energy of the Universe to protect you, and give you more energy as you are a true Human Being.

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