The Queen’s Hangover: Russia Points Out that NATO and the EU Are Backing Nazis in Kiev

The aftermath of the Wales NATO Summit can be aptly summarized in two headlines Saturday morning, both by Bloomberg: “Ukraine Sees Cease-fire Holding as Russian Troops Poised” and “EU Completes Plan to Broaden Economic Sanctions on Russia.” As one wire put it, “just hours after the truce agreement was reached in Minsk, Belarus, EU ambassadors in Brussels drew up the 28-nation bloc’s second package of economic penalties against Russia.” The plan is that the new sanctions will be adopted on Sept. 8 (they apparently needed the weekend to arm-twist all 28 members into voting for this nonsense) and then published on Sept. 9.

Bloomberg quotes one unnamed European official listing the new sanctions as including: targeted Russian businesses can’t sell debt in Europe with 30 day or greater maturity (the current level is 90 days); European banks can’t offer syndicated loans to sanctioned Russian companies; an expanded list of dual-use restricted exports; widened curbs on oil technology; an expanded blacklist of people who are denied visas; etc.

It’s not going to work, Lyndon LaRouche stated categorically. The trans-Atlantic system is bankrupt.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is pulling no punches on what it thinks of all of this, including the statements on Ukraine coming out of the NATO Summit. “The gist and tone of statements on the situation around Ukraine and the announced plans of NATO countries to conduct a joint drill with Ukraine on its territory before the end of this year are bound to escalate tensions, threaten the start of progress regarding a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, and contribute to the deepening of the split in Ukrainian society,” the ministry said in a statement issued Friday. “Moreover, they testify to NATO”s unreserved support for Kiev’s neo-Nazi and extremist forces, including the Right Sector.”

The Foreign Ministry also warned, in a statement issued yesterday, that if the EU goes ahead with sanctions, “the reaction will certainly follow on our side.”

“Basically, the announcement of the upcoming expansion of the anti-Russian sanctions became the EU’s first reaction to the meeting of the Contact Group on the resolution of the situation in Ukraine that took place in Minsk the previous day and all the agreement that had been reached there, which allow to set the lives of all Ukrainians on a peaceful path,” the ministry said. “The European Union has demonstrated that its authorities are still lost in a political fantasy, and is practically sending the signal of direct support of the ‘War Party’ in Kiev, which is not satisfied with the outcomes of the Minsk meeting.”

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