Building New Options for Humanity

The only sound you hear across the trans-Atlantic sector of the global financial system, is the death rattle of a paradigm which is dead, and overdue for burial. If you live in the southwest of the United States, you are as good as dead— unless Obama is promptly removed from office. If you are a young Spaniard, you are as good as dead— unless the British Empire’s Troika is dethroned. If you are an average African, you are as good as dead— unless the British Empire is stopped cold and held accountable for its genocide.

But there are options, Lyndon LaRouche stated on today’s LPAC Policy Committee discussion. China, allied BRICS nations, and others are creating a “new option for humanity,” LaRouche explained, and Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s just-concluded trip to China is at the center of that global operation. China is key to the organization of the future of humanity, LaRouche stressed.

China and Russia are setting a dizzying pace of outreach organizing activity by the BRICS, with a focus on “multilateral economic cooperation” and the scientific education of youth to meet the needs of a increasingly productive labor force. For the next BRICS summit, which will be held July 9-10, 2015 in the Russian city of Ufa, Russia has announced that it will be held along with a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), whose membership will expand later this week with the formal inclusion of India and Pakistan in that body.

“That’s excellent,” Lyndon LaRouche commented.

Contagious optimism is afoot on the planet, even beyond the BRICS nations per se. Argentina and Egypt, for example, are driving forward with their plans for sovereign national development, and they know who their friends are, and that the British Empire and Wall Street are their deadly enemy. Scotland is also being swept up in the emerging new paradigm, and may well choose to vote for independence from the Queen’s United Kingdom this coming Sept. 18.

And the United States?

There is no hope for the U.S. under the present President, LaRouche stated again today. Under Obama, the situation is “impossible, fatal.” Under these circumstances, Bill Clinton’s potential role is essential, LaRouche said. He can help open the gates so that America can join the new option for humanity that over half the human race is now actively constructing.

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