Moscow and Beijing to Jointly Create a Science & Technology University

The Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) have signed a founding agreement on the establishment of a joint Sino-Russian university in the Shenzhen free economic zone. The signing was done by Academician Viktor Sadovnichy, Rector of MSU, and Hu Haiyan, President of BIT on Sep 5. Founded in 1755, MSU is one of the oldest, largest and most reputable universities in Russia and has produced eleven Nobel Prize laureates. BIT is a prominent university in China that focuses on studies in engineering, materials science, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Viktor Sadovnichy said:

“This is a historic day for us now. For the first time in the 260-year history of the MSU, a joint university is being established in China. We will send our best teachers to Shenzhen, and we would also like to invite professors from other countries. But I don’t like following other college’s specific practices, as originality is always better than copying, so we have to innovate, and seek our own path.

“This is a unique project. Graduate students of the Russo-Chinese International University will be receiving the certificates of MSU and the joint university, and the process of instruction will be in three languages. The most important task is to ensure top quality of education so that the entire scientific community would look up to the new university.”

The new university will offer undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees, as well as non-degree education, with the languages of instruction being Chinese, English and Russian. Graduate students are expected to receive both an MSU diploma and a Chinese diploma.

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