The British Monarchy’s Nightmares Are Coming True

The solid steps toward a new, and deeper, partnership on economic and strategic issues, taken by Chinese President Xi and Indian Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi Sept. 17-18, not only portend a brighter future for all mankind, but are truly the realization of the British Monarchy’s worst nightmare. Here we have the world’s two most populous nations, evading the decades-long geopolitical traps literally laid by the Empire, and determined to create a New World Economic Order that will benefit all mankind.

Both China and India, of course, have been victims of some of the worst horrors peddled by the Empire—deliberate famine and the Opium wars included. More recently, both have been the targets of the British Monarchy’s Green Fascist movement, due to both the size of their population and their commitment to industrialization. Indeed, back in the early 1980s, Prince Philip’s WWF agents openly talked about a solution to the “overpopulation” problem being achieved through wars, even nuclear war, between India and Pakistan—which would clearly spill over to China as well.

But today, bolstered by an alliance with sovereign Russia and a number of other nations, and acutely aware of the bankruptcy of the Western monetarist system, China and Russia are turning their backs on these genocidalists in order to build the basis for lasting peace and security through high-technology development. They are leading an ever-broadening movement to establish a just new system, as can be seen in China’s initiatives to ASEAN, and Russia’s offers of nuclear desalination plants, to mention two recent developments.

Events in Washington, D.C. yesterday stand in stark contrast to those in New Delhi. For a day there were two fascist presidents in the U.S. capital—Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and Barack Obama, both of whom have the blood of innocents on their hands. To the shame of the nation, Poroshenko was feted at a Joint Session of Congress. Later, he met for 90 minutes in private with Obama. These Presidents are sticking to the British Empire’s agenda — and if they are allowed to succeed, the result can only be World War III, or global depopulation by other means.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate is rushing pell-mell toward passing legislation that will not only further destroy the economy (mostly by what it will not do), but also permit Obama to ally with the Saudi creators of 9/11 and ISIS in pursuing an obviously insane and losing war. Such action “discredits the United States,” commented Lyndon LaRouche, and it must be reversed.

The means for that reversal is for Americans to regain their heritage as the first successful defiers of the British Empire—and kick out those Tory traitors who are following the Queen’s bidding. The opportunity is now, while the global coalition is on the move. Clean out Washington by removing Obama. That will complete the task of making the British Monarchy’s worst nightmare come true.

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