A Life and Death Choice Between Two Systems

This week as the G-20 and the IMF/World Bank meet in Washington, D.C., the BRICS will be meeting on the sidelines to discuss further implementation of the BRICS New Development Bank, recently created in July at the BRICS summit in Brazil. This week is thus a tale of two systems in one city. As such it represents what the German poet Friedrich Schiller described as a “pregnant moment,” a moment when either leadership is provided to advance humanity or the failure to do so results in humanity’s tragic destruction.

The reality, as all too many refuse to recognize, is that the Trans-Atlantic region is a dying system, which continues to attempt to impose itself on the rest of the world. The IMF/World Bank regime long-ago abandoned the intention of Franklin D. Roosevelt to employ American system methods of economic development after World War II in opposition to the British genocidal imperial system. Its continued existence only produces worse nightmares of genocidal austerity, epidemic diseases, and perpetual warfare by the day. It is an anti-human system thoroughly opposed to the true purpose of mankind to develop and utilize mankind’s creative capability to master the laws of the universe and to exert dominion over the physical universe through science and technology.

In contrast to this nightmarish dying system, a new planetary system is now emerging centered in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China , South Africa). In the face of the refusal of the IMF/World Bank system to return to the original intent of the post-WWII Bretton Woods system of Roosevelt, the BRICS nations have taken the lead in creating the seed crystal of a New Bretton Woods system as long advocated by Lyndon LaRouche to replace the financially and morally bankrupt IMF/World bank system.

See: LaRouche’s 40 Year Record: A New International Economic Order

To this end, at its recent summit in July in Fortaleza, Brazil, the BRICS created the New Development Bank, which they will be further discussing this week in Washington, D.C.

Since then, the BRICS nations have been on a global offensive not only to develop their own nations and peoples, but to offer the rest of the world the opportunity to realize their aspirations for development. Other nations with true leaders committed both to the people of their own countries and to humanity in general, such as Argentina and Egypt, although not formally members of the BRICS have joined the fight.

While the Trans-Atlantic region and Japan have abandoned science and technology and thus a future for humanity and especially for young people now suffering from chronic unemployment, the BRICS nations and their leaders have committed themselves to a policy of development. Indian Prime Minister Modi recently called for a mass movement in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., this time committed to development. The Indians not only succeeded in placing a satellite in orbit around Mars on their first attempt, but have launched a national program called INSPIRE to encourage young Indians to participate in their space program. The Chinese have committed themselves to a lunar program oriented to mining helium-3 for use as a fuel for fusion power. As such this represents a commitment to master the laws of the solar system, something which the United States has completely abandoned since the assassination of Kennedy.

The characteristic of the BRICS as a whole is not geopolitical as is that of the United States, Europe and Japan under the domination of the British Empire. While the West has effectively abandoned the principle of the Treaty of Westphalia, to act to the “advantage of the other,” a principle which ended the 30-Years War in the 1600s, the BRICS nations have revived that principle in form of creativity per se for others.

As the world faces a modern-day expression of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse — financial collapse, epidemic disease, starvation and perpetual warfare leading to thermonuclear extinction — there is only one way out. The West, led by the United States, must recognize that it has lost the way and has lost the mandate of heaven. We must go back to our best tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and our Founding Fathers. We must once again become a beacon of hope and a temple of liberty for the world.

We in the United States must stop avoiding reality and stop lying to ourselves otherwise like the actor in a classical tragedy we will be dead due to our own self-destructive delusions and cowardice. The choice is ultimately ours! We must end the casino economy which has made a few indecently rich while throwing billions of people into poverty. Choose instead joining with the BRICS for peace based on development!

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