Argentine and Russian Presidents Reaffirm Their Alliance in a Lively Video Press Conference


In an event that must have caused heartburn among London and Wall Street financial predators, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a lively video press conference on Thursday, before an enthusiastic crowd gathered in Las Heras, Santa Cruz, in Patagonia, to celebrate the occasion of Russia Today’s Spanish-language signal being incorporated into Argentina’s Open Digital Television (TDA) network, making RT the first foreign media to be transmitted throughout Argentina.

Interrupted by frequent applause from the audience, which included a contingent of young, cheering supporters, the event allowed the two leaders to express their firm commitment to their strategic alliance and cooperation on issues of national and international importance, while also condemning the global media cartels that distort reality, “according to their own interests.” Putin stated that the right to information is “one of the inalienable rights and one of the most important human rights,” but that the development of the electronic and social media in recent years “has become a frightening weapon that manipulates social conscience.” There is a real desire, he said, for media that doesn’t impose its opinions, but, like RT, allows viewers to form their own opinions by presenting them with a variety of viewpoints.

RT’s entry into Argentina’s digital network is a “historic” event, Fernandez underscored, as it will “amplify and give new value to the communication between our nations without the intermediation of the big international chains that transmit news according to their own interests.” When people get to know each other better,” she remarked, “this can reduce the level of international conflict, and affect international security and peace.” She pointedly warned that conflicts must be solved “rationally and diplomatically in accordance with international law.”

A relaxed and smiling Putin, who waved to the Argentine audience from time to time, spoke of his fond memories of his July 12 visit to Argentina, and thanked Cristina for “the warm reception you gave me.” He emphasized that relations between the two go beyond the diplomatic: “We share the same interests…We in Russia see how you fight for your nation’s interests. You are an example to many,” he said, and then, in an undisguised message to the vultures preying on Argentina, he added, “and by necessity, we are going to support you in the objectives you propose, that are totally legal and legitimate. We are going to do everything possible to improve the lives of our people.”

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