LaRouche: We Are On the Verge of Genocide

On Friday night, as the report came in that ISIS now controls at least 40% of the Syrian city of Kobane, Lyndon LaRouche stated that we are on the verge of a total genocide of the population of the Middle East and beyond. This is about to happen within weeks if not sooner. The genocide will not be limited to the Kurds in Kobane. The genocide is being perpetrated in the entire region.

Under these conditions, the nations which can resist this genocide will have to fight. And this will be a very brutal war.

At this point, there is no simple peace possible anymore on this planet, except insofar as we defeat the British Empire. If people don’t want to do that, there will be no peace.

There is no alternative. The enemy has made it inevitable. The only alternative is that this enemy has to be crushed.

Either we crush this evil, or we are crushed. We must defeat this process, otherwise there is no chance for civilization.

The most convenient way to deal with his reality, is to remove Obama from the Presidency. His policies are responsible for what is happening in the Middle East. This won’t solve the problem, but it will break the cycle.

Most of the U.S. population is already facing death, unless we develop a system to reverse this process.

The question is how to create the moisture needed. There is no way to save the population of Southern California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona by ordinary measures. If there is no moisture, there is no crop, no food.

There is no where to escape to under these conditions, because under Obama there is no industry, people don’t have skills, etc.

We could change that by making a miracle, but the solution has to come from a completely different plane of events.

China is the key to that.

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