Liar-in-Chief Obama Appoints Coverup Artist Ron Klain as ‘Sub-Czar on Ebola’


Obama’s appointment of Ron Klain as Ebola Response Coordinator is further evidence, if it were still needed, that as Lyndon LaRouche has stated, either Obama himself is thrown out of office or we don’t have a chance of surviving. Obama is more concerned with covering up the Ebola crisis, which will thus accelerate it, than in solving it and saving lives.

Ron Klain has no competence or experience which would qualify him for the position and Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice (of Benghazi fame) and Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco, to whom he will report, have even less.

Klain is nothing more than a political operative whom Obama appointed solely for the purpose of maintaining political control, which means continuing the lies and thus ensuring that Ebola will continue to spread at an accelerating rate.

What are Klain’s qualifications? None!

He has served as Chief of Staff or Staff Director for Vice President Al Gore, Attorney General Janet Reno, the Senate Democratic Leadership Committee, and the Senate Judiciary Committee. He served as Al Gore’s chief of staff and General Counsel for the Gore Recount Committee in 2000, which Gore by the way lost. Klain later served as Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff and as a senior White House aide to Obama.

During Obama’s first term, he helped spearhead the failed $800 billion so-called stimulus package in 2009.

Part of the stimulus was a $535 million loan to Solyndra, the solar energy company which would later go bankrupt. When Obama was scheduled to visit Solyndra in May 2010, Klain, then Biden’s chief of staff, dismissed the auditor’s concerns about Solyndra’s solvency. The Washington Post described him as one of the key players in the Solyndra scandal.

Having failed miserably in his judgment regarding Solynda, Klain left government in 2011 and is currently president of Case Holdings, the holding company of former AOL chairman Steve Case and general counsel for Revolution LLC, an investment firm founded by Case and others. Before that he was a partner and National Practice Group Chair at O’Melveny & Myers law firm.

To appoint such a person to coordinate the Federal government’s response to Ebola, is further proof that Obama is more concerned about protecting himself than about protecting humanity. Such an appointment can only ensure that Ebola will not be stopped. Obama needs to be expelled from office now.

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