Wield the Science of the Noosphere To Stop the British Empire’s New Black Death


Lyndon LaRouche spent yesterday afternoon meeting with a group of associates, hammering out the essentials of a global war plan to defeat the deadly Ebola epidemic which has begun to sweep the planet, beginning in West Africa. An EIR policy statement with this program, prepared in consultation with leading public health specialists, will be presented over the next 24 hours, and will be given the widest circulation both in the United States and internationally, rallying those forces committed to stopping the British Imperial policy of intentional genocide.

The political momentum generated by the BRICS and allied nations, coming off the July 15-16 BRICS summit in Brazil, combined with the ideas and activities of the LaRouche movement internationally and in the U.S. — including the removal of Barack Obama from office — is a combination of powers that is possibly sufficient to win this war, and possibly to do so in time. But that will depend on how you, who are reading these lines, act in this moment of deadly crisis.

The essential measures required to confront the Ebola epidemic are at hand and are noted below, but “your entire plan won’t work,” Lyndon LaRouche emphasized yesterday, unless it is centered on “the essential difference between animal and human behavior.” As Vladimir Vernadsky demonstrated, “mankind does not behave according to animal behavior; or if it does, there’s something wrong with it. Only mankind makes discoveries of principle which no animal can understand.”

Key features of the plan, as reviewed today with Lyndon LaRouche, include the following:

  • An international steering committee, with representation from appropriate American and Russian military planners and medical specialists, must be immediately constituted to coordinate a global, top-down effort to utilize all available international resources to defeat the Ebola outbreak.
  • Having failed to contain the initial outbreak in West Africa, Plan B must be immediately initiated to prevent the geographic spread out of the immediate “hot zone” into other parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. This must include emergency airlifting of medical equipment, trained personnel, and adequate food supplies to treat the relevant population in place. The use of hospital ships from the United States, Russia, and other available nations must be immediately brought to the coast of West Africa to aid in the effort to immediately reduce the death rate, while preventing the geographic spread.
  • An international “Manhattan Project” must be launched, drawing in all research specialists from around the globe to rapidly develop, test, and mass-produce a vaccine for Ebola. World standards for trials must be maintained while vastly accelerating the process.
  • Preemptive plans to immediately detect and treat new Ebola cases outside the West African “hot zone” must be put in place worldwide, with each nation — including the United States — establishing Hill-Burton standards for treatment facilities in every location. This effort should also include universal vaccinations for the current strains of influenza now reaching North America.
  • All of the above require that Obamacare be eliminated, and more importantly, that Barack Obama be immediately removed from office by Constitutional means.

But, LaRouche emphasized, “without the human behavior factor, your whole system won’t work. So you have to educate people in those terms, otherwise your entire plan won’t work, except almost by accident. And I don’t think we want accidents in this matter.”

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