LaRouche: Screw Things Up for the Enemy! That’s Strategy

Obama, with a concert of forces set in motion by the British Monarchy, is running an operation to try to unleash a war, which if successful, could well start thermonuclear World War III, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. The immediate pivots include the operation to topple the Assad government in Syria, and the activation of a new round of provocations emanating from Poland and Ukraine, provocations whose strategic intent is to strike deep into Russian territory—to weaken it, to invade it, to crush it.

But Obama may not make it this time, LaRouche noted. He is making a mistake on the Assad gambit, because there are forces operating both in the U.S. and internationally to trap him into a defeat. And Barack Obama’s support is so thin, LaRouche remarked, it’s like a film of scum floating on a toilet. One misstep, one little trip-up, and Obama is finished.

You have to consider what Obama’s drive for nuclear war means: the likely extinction of the human race. And there are sane people internationally who seem to be committed to measures to block Obama’s role, LaRouche stated.

Russia is a key pivot now, and President Putin is quite committed to not allowing the overthrow of Assad in Syria, nor the Polish and Ukrainian provocations against Russia, as he made starkly clear in his recent Valdai speech. The Russian view was underscored yesterday both by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, and by former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, who used the occasion of his 85th birthday to stress that the current economic sanctions against Russia are designed to foment a colored revolution, which the Russian strategic leadership has already recognized as a form of modern warfare. As the saying goes, Russia knows what time it is.

China will also commit itself to prevent an outbreak of war, LaRouche stated. And there are growing indications in the United States that there are forces in motion who intend to screw things up for Obama’s war plan—a kind of committee of influence to bar war. There are deep policy differences in the U.S. over Syria and the ISIS barbarians, as events around Kobani have indicated. And the U.S. military this week also stuck it to Obama on the issue of Ebola, by simply implementing a 21-day quarantine policy for soldiers returning from west Africa—in complete contradiction to Obama’s lies about the epidemic and how it is spread.

LaRouche summarized the situation we face over the next few days: If Putin moves, as he has; if China also blocks the war drive in Syria; and if U.S. military layers also act to prevent the ISIS takeover of that country, then we can screw up the enemy’s entire plan. The essence of strategy is not based on forces, but on breaching the enemy’s ranks where he didn’t even know he had a vulnerability, LaRouche stated. So, don’t try to use an adding machine; arithmetic does not apply when you are dealing with human behavior.

The way you actually win in warfare, LaRouche said, is by frustrating the apparatus, by screwing things up for the enemy, by having him slip on a banana peel that he didn’t even know existed. That is strategy, and timing is of the essence. All you have to do is stop that apparatus in one place, and the whole machinery will come to a grinding halt. That, in turn, will open up the situation for a mass movement to solve mankind’s problem with the kind of global paradigm shift that the BRICS and allied nations have set in motion.

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