Anti-War Intelligence Analyst and Activist Ray McGovern Arrested in New York

On Oct. 30th, at an event at the 92nd Street Y in NYC where Iraq “surge” Gen. David Petraeus and war party ideologues were speaking, Ray McGovern, the 74-year-old former CIA analyst who founded “Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity,” in 2002 to attempt to stop the Iraq invasion, was arrested and roughed up by New York PD officers after the Y officials called the police—before the event began—having told him his ticket would not be honored. Calling him by name, they said, “Ray, you’re not going in.”

A lengthy report in describes that McGovern was attending the event with others from anti-war activist groups, some of whom were also excluded. Witnesses described how McGovern was handcuffed behind his back and thrown into the police car; he could be heard screaming that the treatment was hurting a former shoulder injury that had been treated with surgery.

Anti-war activist Stephanie Rugoff followed police cars to the station where NYPD was booking McGovern. She described: “We got to the police station, and they were still dragging Ray around. His watch strap was broken and there was some blood on his wrist.”

McGovern spoke in Germany on Panel II of the Schiller Institute conference on Oct. 18-19, where he talked about the importance of personal resistance to evil policies.

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