Friday Webcast 31 October 2014

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2 Responses to Friday Webcast 31 October 2014

  1. Is Saudi involvement in 9/11 the banana peel for the Obama administration? It’s up to Congress. All any member has to do is ask the Intelligence Committee. All the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has to do right now is allow HR 428 to be voted on in committee and then it will go to the floor of the House. Presumably, nobody in the Intelligence Committee or in the House would vote on HR 428 without reading the redacted 28 pages, which all members of Congress are free to do. All we need is for this to get as far as a vote. What is the best way for activists to pressure the House to vote on HR 428?

    • Please call your representatives and visit their local offices. But mainly circulate all the material on releasing the 28 pages you can find on this website, and especially the recent press conference by Representatives Jones, Lynch and Massie and the 9/11 families. Circulate these materials to all you know and activate them to call, visit and e mail their Congressmen.

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