Jean-Claude Juncker deserves to be humiliated

EU Commission chairman jean-Claude Juncker has been hit by a bus: the revelations on tax havens built in Luxemburg for 300 large European companies under Junker’s government in the last 18 years. The EU had already opened an investigation on a few companies for tax fraud, and now Juncker is supposed to conduct an investigation on himself!
Luxembourg had become such a tax haven that companies got “ad hoc” legal treatment, establishing minimal taxation a la carte.
Juncker’s position as EU Commissioner is strongly weakened of course. SPD head SIgmar Gabriel declared that states should not adopt tax dumping as a business model. Those who do that “are demolishing European solidarity”, he told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
Sven Giegold, the Green finance expert in the European Palriament, said that “Juncker has made himself an accomplice of tax evaders and through that, has deprived other EU states of billions of tax money. With that he has damaged Europe”.
Fabio De Masi, Linke rep in the EP, called on Juncker to take political responsibility.
Eurobeaurocrats and Eurofanatics, instead, pathetically defended Juncker. Hilariously, EU Council head Djesselbloem said that the current Luxembourg government, and not Juncker, is responsible for possible violations, and retroactively so!
Italian Finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan claimed that there is “a new climate of transparency” now. Matteo Renzi, who had just quarreled with Juncker on budget issues, calling him a “beaurocrat”, said he does not want to pick up “a fight” with Juncker.
Juncker is a top Eurofascist and deserves to be humiliated. A few years ago, he complained publically that the process of European Integration would be much faster, if it was not for some obstacles represented by national parliaments.

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