APEC Shuns Obama, U.S. Must Too

Over the last 72 hours, Lyndon LaRouche, reviewing last week’s ‘political impeachment’ of Obama after the mid-term elections, contrasted to the developments around the BRICS nations, particularly the breakthroughs achieved at the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Beijing this weekend, indicated that the so-called “traditions” among nations as we’ve known them, are dead, they no longer suit mankind’s needs on the planet today, and in their place, a new relationship among nations is emerging.
“The problem is we still talk about so-called “traditions” among nations. Well, that’s bunk! Because what is actually happening with the BRICS function, with the significance of the BRICS as an institutional approach, means that the old system of economy, of national economy, is dead.

“The old institutions of government as defined – political institutions as defined, should be dumped. Because we’re not going to have a set of different nations of imperial domains; we’re not going to have that anymore – we can’t have it anymore; it’s deadly. The old system of governments can no longer function in this era. Even the United States cannot function the same way, without a disaster. The old system of government, the old idea of the nation-state system, is now dead, or it’s ready to die at any moment.

“We’re going to a new system of governments. There will be a new sense of sovereignty. Not an absolute sense of sovereignty as a nation-state as such, as formerly; that is dead, or will be dead. It has to be dead.

“What we’re going to have is a planetary system, which is what China represents with its Moon operation. And that marks the direction towards a planetary system. And the nations will actually be elements, like a part of a composition of the lunar system. Because the lunar system will be the basis; and you see in what’s happening in China in the development of the lunar developments in China, is going to be the mark which will then move toward redefining everything to replace what had become the nation-state system.

“In other words, the institution of the nation-state system will have a reflection, but the reflection will be different. It will not be separate interests; it will be complementary interests, as we’re seeing in the BRICS, for example. The world is ready for the complementary interest of a world; no longer the competition of nation-states as such. It’s over! It will continue as a shadow; it will continue with its footprints left behind. But the essential function of nations of the human species is going to be different, than it ever was before.”

This was the spirit in which U.S. President Obama was greeted at the APEC Summit this weekend. The domination of developments by the BRICS dynamic, and particularly by China, was unmistakable. Russia and China signed a second major agreement on pipeline construction and natural gas supply to China over the next 30 years; they also launched development of a hydropower/flood control set of dams along the Amur River in Siberia. China announced the “New Silk Road Fund” financing platform for infrastructure investments which it was inaugurating with a $40 billion capitalization; President Xi Jinping estimated China would triple the rate of its “outbound capital investments” over the rest of this decade, a total of $1.25 trillion, in his estimate, investment in the development of other nations. South Korea and China reached a free trade agreement eliminating 90% of customs and tariffs over 20 years. Australia announced it would reach a free-trade agreement in China by next week; Thailand said it supported China’s proposed FTAAP; Indonesia indicated it was joining the AIIB with 22 other countries. China’s Xi Jinping and Japan’s Shinzo Abe held a bilateral summit meeting which was crucial to break the ice in repairing their hostile relations of the past several years. Philippines President Noynoy Aquino sought a meeting with President Xi to ensure project investments by China would be made in the Philippines as well. Chile made clear that it would allow nothing to disrupt its large and growing trade, industrial and agricultural, with China.

Obama at APEC managed not much more than an announcement of more visas to the U.S. for Chinese visitors — by “executive order,” of course.

Against this new “BRICS” international development and growth dynamic, imperial/financial London and its thin man Obama had assumed they could use national antagonisms and rivalries; that of Japan and China, the previous border and economic disputes between China and India, Brazil-Argentina rivalries, etc. “Nationalism” in service of what? A Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal which would give the biggest transnational/imperial corporations and banks supranational control over the policies of nations!

The TPP is typical of “a set of different nations of imperial domains” that LaRouche is referring to. And, it should come as no surprise, that in a new world order organized by the principle of the genuine benefit of your fellow nation, this “agreement” fell on its face this weekend in Beijing.

Back in America, small sparks are flying off the stone of last week’s electoral crushing of Obama. Two more Senators, most forcefully Republican Rand Paul, declared that Obama’s Iraq/Syria war policy now violates the Constitutional and the War Powers Resolution, and that Congress cannot tolerate this. The White House then “flipped,” calling off the 1,500 troop deployment Obama had just announced, until Congress votes on it. Multiple publications on Monday ran exposés/attacks on Obama’s White House Svengali, Valerie Jarrett, calling for her to go.

But on the real problem, statesman Lyndon LaRouche said this:
“When Obama was on the downturn for the better part of two weeks, he was thrust back into a leadership position, apparently…. If he’s not thrown out of office very soon, the circumstances are, objectively … that the United States will crash…. Obama has to be dumped. And if he’s not dumped, then your life, and your nation, is very much in doubt.”

The American people and the legitimate leadership of both parties must see Obama’s failure in the context in which LaRouche has outlined it. The real leadership of among nations is moving towards a new, planetary configuration of cooperation. As long as Obama remains president of the United States, both parties and all Americans lose.

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