Argentine Daily: Weakened Obama is “A Deplumed Lame Duck”

Argentine Daily: Weakened Obama is “A Deplumed Lame Duck” Roasted
by Political Defeat

Nov. 12 (EIRNS)–Two days after Barack Obama and the Democratic
Party got smashed in the midterm congressional elections,
commentator Emilio Marin of Argentina’s {La Arena} aptly
characterized Obama as a “deplumed lame duck” already roasted in a
“political barbecue.”

For those oh-so politically correct Argentines, who love the
vulture funds and were shocked at President Cristina Fernandez de
Kirchner’s scorching Oct. 31–Halloween–letter to Obama, in
which she slammed him for harboring vulture fund dominatrix Nancy
Soderberg in an Administration post, Marin has some advice. The
President knew she was speaking to a weakened President at the
time she wrote him, but “after the Democratic Party’s electoral
catastrophe, the Argentine President could speak to him in even
stronger terms, now, on that and other pending conflicts.”

And, under the subhead “Lame Duck, or to the Oven?” Marin
concludes, “Obama’s betrayal of many of his promises of 2008…
weakened him and led him, without so much as a `quack,’ to that
political roasting.”

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