BRICS Offer World ‘Win-win Cooperation’ on Security, As Well as Economics

  In much the same fashion that Chinese President Xi Jinping used his Nov. 12 joint press conference with Barack Obama at the APEC summit, to

“welcome the active participation of the United States and other relevant countries, so that together we can promote and share, prosperity and peace in Asia-Pacific,”

through the Silk Road Fund, the AIIB, and other BRICS-related new economic institutions, the Chinese government used the Nov. 19-20 Fifth Xiangshan Forum in Beijing with 300 international security experts and scholars present, to send a similar message as regards global security. That message was clear in the event’s title: “Win-win Cooperation: Build the Asian Community of Common Destiny.”

But Defense Minister Gen. Chang Wanquan, also stated in his keynote address to that conference, that China was fully prepared, to “effectively safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests,”

if the West rebuffs those offers for cooperation, and continues on its confrontationist course that threatens China’s existence, and that of the entire planet.

The Russians reiterated their similar warnings this weekend, as Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that, with its economic sanctions against Russia,

“the West is making clear it does not want to force Russia to change policy, but wants to secure regime change.”

The simple fact is, that, if the United States and Europe do not join with the BRICS new world economic order, the planet is on a fast track for war—a global thermonuclear war of extinction. The string of provocations that Obama and the British keep throwing at Russia and China, in Ukraine, in Poland, and in Southwest Asia, Lyndon LaRouche commented today, can lead suddenly to general warfare, not some tinker-toy, step-by-step escalation, as some might imagine. Under modern warfare, he explained, you don’t get tiddly-winks.

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