Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret

The world stands on the possible brink of thermonuclear extinction in a global showdown between Russia and NATO for one simple reason: Fakers like Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland—the architect of the past year’s Nazi regime-change in Ukraine—are attempting to bluff Russia into surrendering its sovereignty and survival, for the sake of saving a thoroughly bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial oligarchy. Nuland and her pathetic allies in the Obama White House and the Republican Party are themselves bankrupt. Yet they persist in bluffing Moscow with the threat of confrontation when, from a military standpoint, Russia is holding all of the cards.

Lyndon LaRouche warned on Wednesday that this is worse than the nuclear chicken game that was spun out in RAND Corporation scenarios at the height of the Cold War. In the current case, the NATO side is weak and impotent—all bluff. Russia, in stark contrast, has built up a formidable strategic military force, preparing to fight World War III, while the policies of the British, the Obama Administration, and the Republican Party have bankrupted the United States and Europe. The U.S. economy is a wreck, destroyed for the sake of building the biggest financial bubble in recorded history. Trans-Atlantic derivatives contracts, currently outstanding, are in excess of $1.7 quadrillion dollars. Under the Obama tenure, the U.S. Federal Reserve has built up a portfolio of junk in excess of $5 trillion. The whole trans-Atlantic system, LaRouche told colleagues on Wednesday evening, is hopelessly bankrupt.

“Under the current management,” LaRouche added, “the United States is hopelessly bankrupt. If the U.S. ever actually got into the war that Nuland and the GOP are peddling against Russia, Wall Street would instantly collapse.”LaRouche continued, “Where is the real wealth? Where is the human wealth in the United States and Europe? The simple answer is that it is gone.”

And all the lies in the world cannot conceal that fact, so long as the suckers wake up and stop reading and believing the fake propaganda.

The so-called shale oil and gas “revolution” is a perfect case in point. With the temporary geopolitical driving down of the oil price through Anglo-Saudi manipulations, the cost of extracting “fracked” oil is greater than the market price per barrel. The frackers have hedged on such price collapse by selling derivatives contracts on future oil sales. Who were the suckers who bought those contracts? Wall Street. So the Wall Street banks are now holding futures contracts that will drive them even further into bankruptcy.

“The Western media and the fakers like Nuland claim that Russia is bankrupt. Well,” LaRouche added, “Russia is not at all bankrupt. They are building their arsenal for World War III.”

But under Nuland’s policies, Central Europe, including Ukraine, is headed for mass death. She controls the Ukraine government, and has been the controller ever since the unleashing of the fascist mobs to overthrow Yanukovych, beginning in November 2013.

“Someone should close her accounts,” LaRouche offered, “they are empty.”

Just on Wednesday, Russian officials mocked the newly announced Ukraine cabinet, dominated by foreigners, undoubtedly hand-picked by Nuland. The finance minister is an American who formerly ran a hedge fund in Kiev and worked with the U.S. embassy.

Russia is dead serious. In recent weeks, they have demonstrated in public their rapid modernization of their strategic thermonuclear triad. They have a new generation of stealth long-range bombers that have been conducting flights over the Atlantic. They have tested and are deploying a new ICBM and a new generation of submarine-launch ballistic missiles as well.

LaRouche warned: You cannot bluff from a position of bankruptcy, which is exactly what the likes of Nuland, Boehner, and Obama are doing. “That is madness, that is suicidal.”

The very Republican Party apparatus, that has been behind the policies of the past 14 years, and longer, that have driven the United States into physical collapse and financial bankruptcy, are the very same fools who are now goading Putin into a global showdown.

It is time, LaRouche concluded, for sane Democrats to take off the gloves. It is time to dump Obama. Remove Obama from office now and you deprive the Republicans of their foil. Stop them from further destroying the United States and threatening the world with thermonuclear extermination. On Wednesday, Speaker Boehner brought HR 758 to the floor for debate and vote. The resolution is tantamount to a declaration of war—bluff war—against Russia. Rep. Adam Klinzinger (R-Ill.) introduced the resolution on November 18, and Boehner fast-tracked it to the floor of the House—even while he and other Republicans, desperate to cover for the Bush family, block the debate and vote on HR 428 to declassify the 28 pages from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 that exposed the Saudi role in the attacks. Why, you should ask, is President Obama part of the cover-up of the Bush and Saudi role?

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