Wall Street’s Pyrrhic Victory: Self-Defeat & the Bush-League Trickery

The exposure of Bush-Cheney torture by elected officials of the United States Senate has created a new situation in which a repulsive 12 years’-period of Bush-Obama presidencies can be ended. Although there is much more to be done in prosecuting those responsible for this crime, there should be no skepticism or belittling of this: American elected officials have acted in the united interest of the nation, in publicizing the criminal torture policies of the Cheney-Bush regime, against the opposition of their pathetic successor Obama, who tried to keep these Bush League crimes hidden forever, and is still trying to make sure no one is ever prosecuted for them.

The revolt of the Senate and House Democrats against Wall Street’s “poison pill” derivatives bailout provision in the funding bill, has also created a new situation: a potential “Glass-Steagall moment.” Just as with the torture report, there was no shadow of local, state, or sectional interest in this fight against Wall Street. It was a national battle to stop the complete Wall Street takeover of government, roll it back, defeat it. This is essential to salvage the wreck of the U.S. economy, and join in the BRICS course of growth, productivity, scientific creativity. The next stage in this fight is already underway, in the battle over Obama’s nomination of Antonio “Wall Street” Weiss to joins dozens of other Wall Street operatives running the Treasury and other agencies. The nomination will come up in the next Congress, but Senators are lining up publicly on both sides; the battle is already well underway.

Wall Street has won what can be a Pyrrhic victory this time: As the Greek general Pyrrhus said, “Another few such victories and we will be undone.”

What are we really fighting in this new situation is now looming clear: The Bush family, exposed and angry, is again trying to run the United States and take over its economy, with another Bush presidency.

Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche and EIR are clear: We cannot allow this! “The Bush family has no basis for trying to get the Presidency again. They are trying to screw up the coming election,” LaRouche said in discussion with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee today. “Usually, when a Bush gets into power, it’s done on a deception. The cards are stacked beforehand. Don’t fall into Bush League trickery. Take account of what Prescott Bush was, what the successors have been. We don’t want that any more! Don’t be set up in a trap.

Including a terrorist trap — such as the blatant trap just set for Australians, to get them to agree to a mass of secret-government-gone-wild legislation; with a leading recent CIA official predicting the same soon to happen in the United States.

What we have to do is use all our influences to advance the process of creating a new Presidency for the United States. The miserable Wall Street economic system running the United States since the elimination of Glass-Steagall, is headed into financial collapse again — now. We need a new Presidency which will reverse policy and bring this nation into effective alliance with the China and the other BRICS-allied nations.

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