Update on “Russia Crisis” Hamiltonian System, Is Key to Solving the Strategic Crisis

The Putin government has not yet responded to the financial nuclear war measures launched against it this week, although they clearly see them as acts of war, as LaRouche warned yesterday. Medvedev met yesterday with various economic officials (Nabiulina, Ulyukayev, etc.), but little was announced afterwards, and Putin has remained silent. Tomorrow is Putin’s major annual press conference, and Kremlin spokesman Peskov said that Putin would have no comment on the ruble attack until then. Thursday will also see Russia’s major test of their own alternative to the SWIFT system, which the British and Obama are threatening to throw Russia out of – what Wolfgang Munchau referred to as the financial nuclear war alternative.
The fight inside Russia is clearly raging. Russian Senator Evgeny Tarlo has called for the Federation Council to investigate the Central Bank for violating its Constitutional mandate, and the Federation Chair has ordered a vote on that resolution. Tarlo slammed the Central Bank, RT reports, citing a Tarlo speech reporting that Putin had called for finding speculators on the currency markets and take measures against them. But “not a single speculator has been disclosed in Russia since the address was delivered on Dec. 4, the senator noted,’’ RT reported. Tarlo went on to call for various kinds of capital controls: a tax on foreign currency operations, state control on the banks’ trading positions (similar to Glaziev’s proposal), etc. “Currently this money goes into forex gambling instead of working in the economy,’’ Tarlo said.
Although there is much talk in the western media about the next measures that Putin may adopt, they limit their consideration to capital controls and a possible sovereign default. No one seems to have on their radar screen the fact that by pushing Russia to the brink, they may bring about a dramatic shift into a full Hamiltonian approach, in coordination with the BRICS. And that could usher in the demise of the British Empire. By operating from strategic weakness (their direct war option fizzled with the German opposition; sanctions have backfired, etc.), the British and Obama desperate escalation to full-scale financial warfare may backfire, and prove their undoing

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