Dr. Mahathir Warns that the West Is Provoking a World War

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad warned yesterday on his blog that the U.S. and NATO are attempting to provoke a world war. Ridiculing the hypocrisy of Western leaders accusing Russia of “threatening the world,” and in particular Obama’s saying the Russia is the second greatest threat to the world, “just after Ebola,” Dr. Mahathir writes:

“It’s mind-boggling. The West is doing everything to alienate countries of the Eastern bloc so as to widen membership of NATO. Clearly this is a threat to Russia. A government elected by the Ukrainians was forced through street demonstrations to resign for rejecting union with the European Union. Russia is now accused of supporting Russians in Ukraine to break away from that country. This support of the West to install undemocratically a pro-West government is okay. But Russia must not do the same for the pro-Russian people in Ukraine.

“When MH17 was shot down, before any investigation was done, the U.S. accused Russia of supplying the missile to the dissidents for the attack. Now we are not sure. Ukraine, Russia and the dissidents all have the same missiles. So how can American be so certain who shot the plane and whether a missile was used. But not to worry. It is a good excuse for applying sanctions against Russia. Clearly the intention is to create problems for the Russian people so that they would overthrow Putin. 50% of Russian foreign earnings comes from selling gas to Europe. Now Russia has lost that income. It should be in trouble. So Russia switched the gas to Turkey. That is provocative. That is a threat.

“Really the Russians should just lie down and starve, hating Putin. But strangely Putin is more popular now with the Russians. The question is who is threatening whom?…

“The world does not need another world war. But this time it is obvious that the West is being provocative by applying sanctions and depriving Russia of its valuable European market.”

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