New Years Resolution : Wipe Out Wall Street

The Economist  joined the ranks of those Wall Street and City of London hysterics who are admitting that the trans-Atlantic financial system is bankrupt and about to blow up.

The upcoming January elections in Greece are being widely described as the “Lehman Brothers” and “Bear Stearns” moments for Europe, with the expectation that the ousting of the current Troika-run Greek government will lead to similar anti-euro revolts in Italy, Spain and France.

Across the Atlantic, inside the United States, the continuing crash of oil prices, engineered from London and Riyadh, is providing yet another detonator to an imminent blowout of the entire system, with an expectation of 300,000 jobs being lost if the price collapse continues much longer. These are the mere detonators. The real issue, as emphasized by Lyndon LaRouche repeatedly in recent days, is that the entire Wall Street system is hopelessly bankrupt. It cannot be saved and the problem is compounded by the “fracking idiots” on Wall Street whose stupidity and incompetence cannot be over-estimated or ignored.

It is precisely because we are on the very edge of the total bankruptcy blowout of the system that the war danger–including the danger of thermonuclear war against Russia and China–looms so large and immediate. There is only one reason why the world is on the edge of a war of extinction: Wall Street is finished, bankrupt, kaput. Either we go into a total meltdown of the Wall Street system at some point very soon, or Wall Street and London steer the world into global war. Those are the alternatives if the present system is allowed to persist.

The only viable option is for the whole system to be put through an orderly bankruptcy, starting with Glass-Steagall and the immediate re-establishing of a Hamiltonian system, as spelled out in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Cardinal Laws. Nothing else works. From the top down, the very survival of mankind hangs on our success in crushing Wall Street and everything that it represents –including the Obama presidency. As LaRouche said in New Year’s Eve comments to colleagues, “We have to get rid of these fracking idiots on Wall Street before they succeed in blowing up the world.” He added that it would be a gross error to ignore the stupidity factor among the Wall Street mavens. “They know nothing–they are idiots.”

The Putin government in Russia continues to make it clear that they are resolute in defending Russia’s sovereignty and that they know that the Obama-London-NATO policy is one of regime change in Moscow. Unless London and Wall Street are prepared to go for all-out thermonuclear war, they are going to lose. Despite this reality, the Obama Treasury Department imposed new sanctions on Russia this week, and the U.S. Army Commander in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges announced that the U.S. will have an armored brigade stationed in undisclosed locations in Eastern Europe through 2016. The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the new sanctions by making clear that such hostile actions will not be ignored and Russia may drop cooperation with the U.S. on such vital global security issues as the P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran and the Syria crisis, where Russia has taken the lead in attempting to reach a political solution.

Russia is preparing to host the 2015 meetings of both the BRICS and the SCO; and the new global paradigm represented by the BRICS New Development Bank and China’s New Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road is moving ahead, with new nations joining in the effort. After Egyptian President al-Sisi’s historic visit to China last week, he is conferring with heads of state from Ethiopia and Somalia for a new peace and prosperity plan for Africa. The Chinese and BRICS initiatives are contagious in the best possible sense.

The only serious obstacle to the United States and Europe joining the new paradigm is the remaining vestiges of London-Wall Street power, which is in its final breath. The New Year must begin by wiping out Wall Street once and for all.

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