John Waters on Auschwitz

[Comments from an Irish friend who lives in Germany.  In answer to his closing question – no, as far as we’re aware JW hasn’t written about Ukraine thusfar.  In fact Michael D has been the first public figure here to mention it in anything approaching a truthful light.  Here is JW’s article from the Indo, Wed 28 Jan 2015 – – ed]

A very good piece and Waters gets so close.
I had numerous discussions with well educated West and East Germans
and especially
recently with a few from the old DDR. It is amazing what kind of
brainwashing has occurred
and not just the nominally Communist variant.

I brought Heinrich Heine into the discussion. All knew of his poetry
but NONE ever heard
of his “History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany” and even when
one had a piece of it, the key paragraphs were simply removed!

This has been published by the Schiller Institute, but since Waters is
so close : I’ll mention two paragraphs :

“Plato versus Aristotle” in this short excerpt from this 1834 essay :

“…Plato and Aristotle! These are not merely two systems, but rather
two types of human nature, that stand, since time immemorial, in
hostile opposition. Across the entire middle ages, to the greatest
degree, and up to the present day, this battle was waged, and this
battle is the essential content of Christian church history. Plato and
Aristotle are always the issue, though other names may be used.
Schwärmerisch, mystical, Platonic natures manifest, from the depths of
their souls, the Christian ideas and corresponding symbols. Practical,
systematizing, Aristotelean natures build from these ideas and symbols
a fixed system, a dogma and a cult. The church ultimately encompasses
both natures, which entrench themselves on the one hand in the clergy,
and on the other, in the monasteries, and feud without respite.”

But even better – Heine clearly identified that hero of “modern”
“enlightened” universities, salons –
Emmanuel Kant as the “omi-pulverisor” , “arch destroyer” of thought :
(Errors there are due to scanning).

Heine’s devastating expose of Kant is all the more chilling when he
presciently warned the French about the coming German revolution 100
years later. We now know the sheer evil done which left Robespierre in
Kant’s shadow as Heine wrote.

Water’s reference to Arendt is also close. The Nazi ideologue
Heidegger (revered in Irish Universities), Arendt’s former lover, and
cronies of the Frankfurt School gave us political correctness
insisting on the doctrine that truth does not exist, but only opinion,
or spin.

So when I hear well known public figures admire Arendt, and Kant, it
is no surprise that the Ukraine Nazis are supported by American and EU
institutions, and that Poroschenko and Yats rewrite the history of

It is really that the media insist on spin, most expect spin and
anything that even smacks of truth must be spun. I’ll bet the media
admires the Kiev junta for sheer neck as a model for shameless
So Kant is not just a German “thing in itself”.
I wonder has Waters mentioned Ukraine?

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