LaRouche: Mankind’s Role Today

On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, during a meeting with associates, Lyndon LaRouche delivered a remarkable address identifying mankind’s essential mission today. Below is a transcript of the excerpted remarks.

Now, what’s the issue here? What’s the fight about? The essential fight is located in the power and greed of the oligarchical and financial system; that’s what it is. Wall Street. What’s Wall Street? A bunch of thieves; of murderers and thieves. And people are in awe. “Oh, Wall Street; you’ve got to pay that off.” You’ve got to do this; you’ve got to accept that. That’s what we’re told; and the sheepish people out there go “Unh, unh, we don’t like it, but we’re going to have to eat it.” We have to submit; you have to be practical. You have to learn what authorities will allow you to do; what they allow you to think. And you do it; you say “I’ve got to be practical; I’ve got a family to support.”

“If mankind is crushed, if the cause of mankind is crushed, then the planet is meaningless. And therefore, what you have to do, you have to say, “what are the tactics, what are the strategies, what are the requirements?” Simply, look: Wall Street and everything that Wall Street represents, is an oligarchy, an international oligarchy centered around the British Empire. That’s all it is. It’s a stinking, evil bastard!”—Lyndon LaRouche, Feburary 3, 2015

But their families are not being well supported. As a matter of fact, the supporting factor in this thing is going down at an accelerating speed. So, what’s the folly? They’re all worried about the factors in the international economy which are the driving forces for wars, which are based on the issue of greed. How can Wall Street or similar kinds of places bail themselves out of the folly which they have created for themselves. And are willing to kill everybody on the planet, virtually; or set into wars which will do the job for them, instead of seeing the future. Because they looked at the present, the Wall Street power, the financial astrologicals; this is where the problem lies. There is, however, a very immediate solution; but people don’t talk about the solution, because they say “You’ve got to be practical. Wall Street needs the money.” And if Wall Street doesn’t get the money, they’re going to kill everybody, or eat them alive or something like that. They don’t think about the real solution; they think about what they have to do to placate the man-eaters, the children-eaters.

It’s very simple. We don’t have to bail out Wall Street; we don’t have to submit. All we have to do is, instead of complaining that Wall Street is persecuting you, you have to eliminate Wall Street. And you have to eliminate similar institutions. You’ve got to eliminate the Saudi Kingdom; you’ve got to eliminate other pestilences, which are pestilences. And you have to know how to do it. You have to organize institutions which did not previously exist; institutions which did not previously exist!

Now, you will take raw material from your own present experience, and you combine that raw material with what you know, and you’ll add something else, that something else, which is not copying somebody else’s behavior. And how do we do that? Well first of all, we have to tell people to stop being stupid. Now, you don’t just tell people to stop being stupid, they don’t take that kindly. They don’t like it. Maybe there’s some stupid people who like to be considered stupid; maybe it gets comforting, in the comforting experience. But they don’t like it.

But you have to have the guts to be the teacher, not the student. And to be the teacher you have to be qualified as the teacher. What do we do? Look, Wall Street and what it represents is bankrupt. Why is Wall Street bankrupt? Because it got an opportunity to steal everything, and now the larder is drained out! Wall Street is bankrupt!

And that is, we have to stage fights, to take the power and it out of the hands of the oligarchs. We don’t negotiate with the oligarchs, we denude them, and then… [sniffs] look the other way.

Mankind is not a slave. Mankind is not a greedy person. Mankind is not a rich man. Mankind is not any of this stuff. Mankind is the continuity of the natural characteristics of the members of the human species, not the animal species, and not the oligarchs.

I made the point on Monday, and I think our team was agreed on that thing, and we added something to that. We added to the fact that we have to organize around the creation of the authority which should be the only authority for humanity, the fact that humanity is characterized by the ability which no animal has, and no animal species will ever have, the power of creativity of the human spirit. And that’s the only thing that’s worth anything. Because that’s the only thing that makes a difference. If we lose all the wise guys, we lose all the animals, we cannot lose mankind.

If mankind is crushed, if the cause of mankind is crushed, then the planet is meaningless. And therefore, what you have to do, you have to say, “what are the tactics, what are the strategies, what are the requirements?” Simply, look: Wall Street and everything that Wall Street represents, is an oligarchy, an international oligarchy centered around the British Empire. That’s all it is. It’s a stinking, evil bastard!

So what do you do? Well, it happens that Wall Street is bankrupt. The British Empire is bankrupt. All of this crap is bankrupt in economic terms. And you’ve got all the big holes that are being inside the United States, instead of producing anything worthwhile, they’re making sinkholes, and also called stinkholes, and that’s what the industry is in the United States. That’s the industry on which the oligarchy bases its power. They are bankrupt! They’re collapsing!

“Mankind is not a slave. Mankind is not a greedy person. Mankind is not a rich man. Mankind is not any of this stuff. Mankind is the continuity of the natural characteristics of the members of the human species, not the animal species, and not the oligarchs.”—Lyndon LaRouche, Feburary 3, 2015

The problem is, that while the enemy is collapsing, the people by and large are collapsing faster than the enemy is. We have the power! What’s the power? The power is the power of creativity, which mankind has through mankind’s industry, the creative industry unique to the human species. All we have to do, is pull this system together, and say, these are the wastelings, these are the useless ones, these are the stinkers. We, mankind, having in our power of creativity, the ability to produce what these animals could never produce.

And therefore, when you start showing respect for Wall Street, and capitulate to Wall Street, and not saying, “Stupid, hey, look at the stupid man: How do you know he’s a stupid man? He’s driving a Cadillac.” [laughter] Or something like that.

And this is the issue. And that’s the issue which I apotheotically am presenting here, now, as a theme. All we have to do — they’re all bankrupt, all these institutions are bankrupt, in every part of the world; these oligarchical institutions are financially, economically, bankrupt! They’re going to die anyway! Well, let’s put ’em out their misery. Because mankind and the creative powers of mankind — how is it we have so many people, when the children after one generation after the other, is more stupid, more putrid than the one before. And we allow this to happen, we allow people to be educated, or miseducated and turned into miserable creatures, into people who are nothing but prostitutes looking for a profession? We turn one generation after the other worse than the next one before. And we sit there, and we accept that; we say, these are realities, this is the experience of mankind? It is not. And therefore we have to assert the authority which we have.

But the problem is that people are scared, easily. They become scared, because somebody might kill ’em, particularly someone who offends the oligarchy, who offends Obama, who offends some other creep like that; and they’re afraid. They say they have to bargain, they have to negotiate with the people that are going to destroyed, them otherwise, if they allow that.

The answer is now, we have to organize the international process, which supplements what is being done in Asia and in parts of South America. What we have to do, is simply take over. And at all costs, take over.

Now, when you take that kind of approach, and that kind of policy, there’s a risk involved. There’s a risk of your mortal life. But, if you don’t fight, your morality stinks and your mortality vanishes.

Final Remarks

You have to understand one thing, people think in terms of their ego, and they think in terms of a fleshly ego. They think that they want to enjoy a merry old life, and calmly slide into ennui. And the point is, that is not the factor which defines what our mission is. That is not the source of our strength, in fighting this mission. Mankind, by his nature, dies as an individual. Every human being dies and will die as an individual. So therefore, if you’re fighting to defend an individual, as an individual per se, what is the reality of your activity? What’s your achievement? Hmm?

Now, the fact of the matter is, if you understand history, and I do specialize in history, I think of everything in terms of history, past and present and future; in that you have you locate your identity in the right place. Not that you’re going to win the battle, personally. That’s not it. Many people who have fought the battle, have earned the fruit of it, but it has come as a part of the fruit, not as something they can walk away with. And if you look back at the history of mankind and whole civilizations and societies, you see that is the nature of things. So the thing is not how long you can live, biologically, the question is, for what do you live? To what effect, for humanity as a whole? And this not like throwing yourself on the pyre to be burned alive, or something like that; this is not what we’re talking about. What we’re talking about that, in the normal course of life, and the normal course of life, has a very large range, of differences; it happens one way or the other. A child is born, and dies. What does that mean? Well, the parents are the only ones who know about that, or the parents that [inaudible 49:32] people know that. So what do they know? They know that the existence of that child, for as long as that child live, can show us, a product which contributes to the triumph of humanity, in its quarrel.

You don’t find ways in which individual people get great rewards, as such. It’s not a matter of payments. It’s a matter, do you realize — I mean, the very essence of Christianity as doctrine, in terms of the question of Christ, is exactly that term. The Romans killed him. They murdered him! They tried to murder everyone who worked with him. They destroyed how many did the Romans destroy, in their hatred against Christianity? What was their crime? Every leader, virtually, in the whole effort to defeat the Roman Empire, died prematurely, so to speak, hmm? Yet, why did they live, then? What’s the motive for living under such cases? The motive is humanity per se.

Mankind is not an animal. Mankind bears flesh and things of that sort, but that’s the impediment, and the impediment does tend to wear down after a while. I sort of hold on to not being an impediment, because I have a job to do.

But the point is, the war is won by continuing the struggle to eliminate what should never have existed in the first place. Everything is, the creativity of mankind, what men and women have done in order to move society out of the evil that has dominated it, who fought wars to defend mankind, who suffered, in order to beat the tyrant, Zeus. And that’s how Zeus is defeated! Zeus is defeated by the forces of humanity, which fight him. And we find that this force that we can summon, in terms of understanding that principle, is a principle which all of us — I guess a few of us — lived through World War II and beyond. I went through the process; I was not a big hero in the biological sense. But, by the time I left military service, I was making revolutions, until I got shipped out of the Middle East, out of there, and therefore, I had to go out and find a new way to get my job back again. Because my job was making revolutions. That’s what I did in India, during the time I was there. I was running a war against the British forces who were committing mass murder against the Indians.

And I spend most of my life, in working in various nations and among various peoples, over the course of my life, my pleasure has been, doing that. I’m not looking for a reward. I’m looking for the pleasure of accomplishing things that have to be accomplished. And that’s the issue.

And the problem is that when people cannot face that distinction, of trying to win the golden something or other, to take it home on the mantle, that’s foolishness! That is not the power of victory. The power of the victory is the deathless capability, to cause to occur that which must be made. And that’s what makes the difference of mankind from an animal. And that distinction is the only distinction of a man from an animal. Unfortunately, too many people don’t understand that.

If you have lived, in a certain way, you have never really lived at all. Because when you are dead, is merely the obvious, and there is very little bit to say about the whole subject. When people die, as useless people, that is not useful for humanity as a whole, they’re not worth very much. And you have to meet that standard. I’ve been there. It’s not been the biggest thing in the world, to go through it, but I’ve been there, and I’ve always understood, you fight for the cause, not for your advantage. Your advantage is doing what you should do. And inducing other people, to follow that example, and do what they should do. And that’s the way, the only way, that you can conquer in terrible wars. Even without terrible wars, like is a trial and it’s sometimes tough to live through. But your ability to live through, in order to make what must happen, happen, that’s the only thing that’s important.

SEE “LaRouche’s 40 Year Record: A New International Economic Order”

You know, look at we, we’re in the United States; well, the United States is a pretty poor shambles, morally these days. We look at what the BRICS are doing, and we are sometimes charmed by the fact that the BRICS are doing things that we should have been doing anyway. And we’re seeing the fruits of the BRICS, of the BRICS’ works, and it’s an improvement for all humanity, the hopes of all humanity depends upon Asia and the people of Asia and Africa, some people in Africa. Some people in South America. Not from the United States, not from Western Europe, as colonies, they’re not the heroes! They’re the wastelings, there’s the guy that eats the other man’s lunch.

And therefore, you’ve got to go to this deeper level. It’s not something, the idea of become a great sacrificial lamb. It’s simply the idea of the normal course of humanity, that the human individual lives, if they’re wise, live for what they can contribute to the future of mankind, and that mission, and whatever the price is to pay for that mission, is the measure of understanding, of what mankind must become.

I have no sense of shame about my life. I fought the fight, and I’ve often won a few fights. I’ve been in various parts of the world, not all the parts of the world, but I’ve had some experience with it. And we’ve had some triumphs, not in terms of what I’ve got to triumph, I never sought triumph for myself; I sought triumph for things that had to be accomplished. And Helga and I’ve fought that fight all the way through. And we’re doing it right now. I’m going to die soon, so what? The question is what I’m am going to do while I’m alive, and what will be the effect of what I do?

And when you start worrying about how you’re going to win the war and enjoy the triumph, that’s a great mistake, and it’s that mistake that makes cowards of most people. They don’t want to give up the fruit of ego.

I haven’t fought wars in the sense of being a killer, but I fought wars anyway, and I spent a lot of effort in fighting wars, including fighting the wars against our own enemies with inside the United States. I’ve fought the wars of watching people who are actual martyrs of the United States, and seeing the shitheads that took over their jobs. And the opportunists who will sell anything, to buy anybody. And that’s where the issue lies, that’s when you get down to the core of the matter, that’s the test. And whether you’re old or younger, it’s all the same: Human life is defined by what? By the uniqueness of the non-animal human individual, the human life. Because the human life carries with it the idea of a mission, a mission which is immortal, that what the human life is in some way, it plays a role which is immortal. It’s that capability, that insight, that understanding which enables great wars to be won, when necessary. I’ve done it. I got by with it pretty well; you know, I got a few slaps here and there, but I never suffered any great problem. I’ve always enjoyed what I do, I’ve enjoyed with I accomplished. I don’t worry so much about the other things.

And that’s the spirit in which you have to live, if you want to win the war against the forces of evil. And the case of Christianity is just an example of that. There are other cases of the same effect: Mankind devotes mankind to the future of mankind, not in the flesh, but in the consequences, of the development of the power of life by any individual, to make a contribution to the future of mankind. And when you lose that, you lose everything. As long as you can stick to that, you have a mission.

So there are no cheap shots, there are no cheap explanations. We are human. We are the individual embodiment of the principle of the name of human. We are the master, the right master of the Solar System. And the Chinese scientists, working in space, are doing a pretty credible job, of trying to bring the Moon, the Solar System, under the control of mankind, and that'[s pretty good evidence of pretty good achievement. Mankind living and dying, for the sake of the future, of the mission of mankind, and rejoicing in participating in that mission.

That’s what you’ve got to understand! You’ve got to grasp that, there are no surrogates, there are no alternatives.

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