From a Fragile Peace Agreement to a New Renaissance?


With the ceasefire agreement reached yesterday between Putin, Hollande, Poroshenko, and Merkel, the real question remains: Will Europe and the world plunge into general war, or will a genuine alternative be achieved?

What drove this extremely fragile agreement was the recognition by some in Europe that the world was on the cusp of a world war. The issue is war or no war. Clearly, the French are breaking out of the war momentum, and some in Germany are shaky, but aligning with the French. One way or the other, the outcome of war or no war will shape a whole new process globally.

What is far too often ignored is the fact that the entire drive for war is because London and Wall Street are in a panic over the bankruptcy of their entire system. There is nothing that can be done to save that Empire system, but we are at the point where that system is either replaced altogether, or we plunge into general war or general chaos. That is the nature of the moment. The bankruptcy of the London/Wall Street system is the key to everything.

The Saudis are an extension of that British Empire System, and the chaos and dark age genocide we are seeing in the Middle East is just an extension of what the British and Wall Street have in store for the entire planet, unless they are stopped. As we can see in the stonewalling against debt forgiveness for the Greek people, who have been subjected to horrible suffering, these people would rather destroy the planet than lose their system and lose their power.

The Minsk agreement is in jeopardy of being sabotaged and turned into a trigger for general war, so long as Nuland and her Nazi legions remain on the scene and in power in Kiev. Obama is just a patsy for the British, but under these circumstances, the patsy factor is significant. Obama, under the influence of people like Nazi Nuland, can be the trigger for a total war. There is strong evidence that Nuland is a Nazi, and she must be thrown out as part of any sane war-prevention effort. This is no time to evade the obvious truth.

So far, within the United States, the voices of opposition to war have been largely suppressed or confined to the edges. This pattern was breached significantly Wednesday with a speech to 200 dignitaries at the National Press Club by former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack Matlock attacking the policy of the West, and specifically Obama, toward Russia over Ukraine. Matlock, and the moderator of the event, Ambassador Chas Freeman, also broached the overriding reality—the danger of nuclear war.

The fight in Europe over the future of the British Empire, ostensibly centered on Greece and the demands for a continuation of the Troika austerity genocide, is going to blow back big into the United States, because of Wall Street’s ties to the entire London bankrupt system. The Republican Party is going to be hit very hard because of their undying loyalty to Wall Street. Anyone believing that the British System will survive on the basis of either kicking Greece out of the euro, or forcing Greece to bend to the Troika, is insane. It is the entire system that is bankrupt beyond repair. Either there is a total orderly shutdown of Wall Street and London, or we have war or chaos. Wall Street is in jeopardy and that extends to the GOP.

The Empire System is collapsing, and the danger is a plunge into chaos, as we saw in Europe during the Dark Age.

A complete change is needed, on the model of how Europe changed with the actions of Joan of Arc and the emergence of the Cusa Council of Florence. Cusa created the basis for Kepler and Leibniz. If you take up Vernadsky’s concept of the Noösphere and the absolute distinction between mankind and animals, and work your way back to Kepler, you have the foundations for the kinds of changes in thinking that are required to survive this onrushing crisis for mankind.

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