Mody comments hit a nerve in Noonan because they are true – Tóibín

Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tóibín has said comments today from former IMF man in Ireland Ashoka Mody have hit a nerve with Minister Noonan and the government because they are true.

Deputy Tóibín said:

“The comments today by Ashoka Mody have clearly hit a nerve with Minister Noonan and the government. This is because they are true.”

“His comments that Fine Gael and Labour squandered their mandate for change, refused to win acceptance that the Anglo debt represented an odious debt and that they simply took their lead from Berlin and Brussels are all true and Minister Noonan and his colleagues know it. It seems the IMF themselves and other Troika members were taken aback by the meekness of the Irish government’s stance on our debt and the austerity regime.”

“Minister Noonan’s dismissal of the comments by shooting the messenger, Mr. Mody, is a flimsy attempt to distract from the comments.”

“As the Eurogroup meet today, the government can still develop a backbone beginning by joining forces with the Greek efforts to steer the EU away from a direction of constant austerity and put in place a plan to deal with the EU’s debt problem.”

“The election in Greece and the lead of anti-austerity parties here in Ireland and in Spain in polls have rattled the cosy consensus. That would be good news for Ireland if we had a government who stood up for Irish interests and wanted to take advantage of the possibility of change.”

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