The Zeus Option for General Depopulation of the Planet

In a new evaluation presented to his associates in the past 48 hours, Lyndon LaRouche states that the strategy for nuclear war being pursued by the Anglo-American monetarists will in all probability target Eurasia for extinction. They believe that they can actually win a war, which will depopulate much of the planet, while saving the United States and other areas of the transatlantic region. Here are LaRouche’s remarks in full.

We have a situation in which we have to recognize the characteristics of the situation we’re operating in.

How do you pull the forces of the human population, and draw them together in such a way that they, themselves, find themselves dedicated to preventing this atrocity?
— Lyndon LaRouche • Feb. 25, 2015

That is that we’re on the verge of being pulled into the potential of a thermonuclear war, but the idea of the thermonuclear war is not quite what Obama or Obama-thinkers would imagine.  Because the situation is such that if you want to take an optimal estimate of how this thing will will work out, you would have to say that the Eurasian area is the area in which the British,—even though they don’t have much capability to be able to do anything strategically,— but they could waste much of Eurasia, for the sake of what they want to do: their fun and games.

Thus their fun and games could be, most likely the type in which the Atlantic-to-Pacific element of Eurasia would be targeted, rather than the United States, and you could go south from there.  The very idea that you’re going to start with a world war of all the territory of the planet, is not exactly what the schemers want to have.  They want a certain part of the world within the trans-Atlantic region as a playground, from which they would watch the destruction of the rest of the world.

The danger lies essentially in the focus within Western Europe and Eurasia.  I’m not saying this is going to happen, but this is the likely case.  The likely case is that it is not the United States which will be hit hard, although of course it will be hit, but Eurasia will be hit hard. That’s pretty much obvious right now.

That being the case, we have to change the way people understand the threat of a general thermonuclear war.  And what most people would assume to be the characteristic threat, is something which I would say, on my best guess, is not what’s going to happen.  But rather, the full blast, the destructive force, will be in the Eurasian mainland and southern parts accordingly.  That’s where the problem lies.  Now, we have to actually define that problem, rather than just going with this “All-out, well, maybe, so forth, so on.”  We’ve got to get rid of that.  Because there’s no purpose for running a war of this type on a full scale, in terms of the world as a whole.  That does not make sense.  But, what would make sense, is what was done with Zeus, a Zeusian kind of thing, where a very extensive destruction of large areas of the planet Earth would be affected, and it would be really a long time before anybody really moved things up and started to build a civilization again.

That’s what we have to look at.  Now that means that we have to think accordingly.  I think Obama is a real loser.  I don’t see how he can possibly get by with what he’s intending to do. It’s obvious that anybody who’s trying to run an operation, like the Anglo-American forces, is going to play it carefully, but let the full blast of evil strike generally on the Eurasian land-area.

That’s what we’re looking at.  And for the time being, we ought to focus our attention on that, without placing any specific limits on such a war.  But we should recognize that anybody who’s going to run a thermonuclear war on the planet right now, is going to limit the territory, and it can be very large areas of territory, especially on Eurasia.  But we have to operate on the basis of assuming that that is the best option for terror from the Anglo-American interests.  And we ought to react on that basis.  Not go fishing around and saying, “Maybe we’ll all be wiped out.”  I don’t think the intention is there, even for evil people, to do that kind of thing.  They might do it on a very large scale, like a Eurasian scale.  But they’re not going to blow up the whole planet; that’s not their option.  It could happen, of course, but it wouldn’t be their choice of option. They might fall into it; that’s a fact we have to take into account.

But the likely fact is that the area of Eurasia, and areas south of it, is the area in which a thermonuclear war is a likely proposition.  That’s what we ought to concentrate on.  Other things could happen, but the Eurasian option is the likely option.  So, let’s not get stuck into this thing about worrying, and spreading the word, that everyone is going to get killed, wiped out.  Well, you could probably get two thirds of the population of the planet wiped out, but they would want to have an area which they could operate in, even with a greatly reduced population in the trans-Atlantic area, for an actual operation.

Remember, there are other forces involved here than just Obama.  So, we ought to be more specific, and don’t make sweeping, generalized statements about wiping out the human species on this planet as a whole.  That would be very foolish mistake; I think we ought to avoid that.

You can’t think about how you’re going to bargain or try to negotiate this thing.  You’ve got to actually present this fact, that this is reality.  Stick to the concept of that effect, that intention.  Expect that intention to be realized.  Now, you’ve got to stop it.

Zeus must be convinced that he won’t be able to survive his genocide.  They’ll call this blackmail, but it isn’t blackmail.

My intention is to save humanity.  I’m trying to make people aware of the conditions under which a Zeus option is not possible.

Go back to Jeanne D’Arc.  Jeanne D’Arc made herself the commander, the captain.  She was captured by the British, so to speak.  And they tortured her. They tortured her to death.  They cooked her, and they disintegrated her body afterward.  And what happened as a result, was that the Renaissance forces reacted to what was done to Jeanne D’Arc by what we would call the British today.  The murder of Jeanne D’Arc actually produced the will to defeat the forces which had killed her.  That became the Renaissance; all decent civilization throughout the planet is the fruit of the influence of the Renaissance, with Nicholas of Cusa at its center.

This is what we’re talking about; this is strategy.  This is what I’m talking about.  We need a new Renaissance now, a serious Renaissance.  We understand how the human species behaves; we understand its evil as well as its good potential, and we must make an instrument which will do what has to be done, to prevent a mass killing of the human population.  And to create a new kind of organization, a new kind of Renaissance, in the sense of Nicholas of Cusa’s Renaissance.  That’s the policy, not the dibs and dabs and so forth.  And that will work.  That’s what we must do.  We’re getting indications that such potentials exist.  They may be faint on the horizon, but they exist.  And if we do our job properly, we can call a halt to the genocide.

You have to approach this as a matter of a war.  How do you conduct a war which you don’t want to become a war?   How do you pull the forces of the human population, and draw them together in such a way that they, themselves, find themselves dedicated to preventing this atrocity?

You have to lead.   And to deal with an atrocity of this nature, you have to go to the edge of everything.  And you have to jam the works up, so the awful thing does not happen. Nicholas of Cusa’s work was in that direction, along with others in the Renaissance.  And that’s the way we have to approach it. You have to take the principle of the Renaissance.  You have to look at the idea of the Renaissance, from the standpoint of the long wait of Europe to become free of the Zeus atrocity.  So therefore, this is a strategic force of a special kind.  It’s a special kind of force which appears in the scope of human history only very, very rarely.  And it’s just as well it is that way.


Moscow Would Not Remain Indifferent to Provocative Actions Such as Arming Kiev

The foreign ministers of the Normandy Four — France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine — met in Paris yesterday, and the French Foreign Ministry issued the communique, calling for strict implementation of all provisions of the Minsk agreements, earliest possible withdrawal of heavy weapons, access of OSCE monitors to all areas, Ukrainian working groups to achieve progress, among other things, on the political process in Ukraine, and unhindered humanitarian access.

“Lastly, we confirm that France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine remain determined to continue taking action in this format and to do their utmost to ensure that the commitments are upheld and the crisis is resolved.”

Once outside the meeting, the French and German Foreign Ministers warned of the impact of ceasefire violations near Mariupol, without, however, mentioning the possibility that those violations were committed by Nazi-linked militias from Kiev, as has been reported.

In follow-up comments in Moscow today, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said:

“A lot now depends on an honest, objective, unbiased approach by the observers who must record what is happening on the ground, so that we can all resist the attempts to present the Minsk agreements as having already failed. There are many people outside Ukraine and in Kiev who want them derailed.”

Tass reported that he also said that all other provisions of the Minsk agreement must also be complied with, not just the withdrawal of heavy weapons.

“This applies to the political process and the constitutional reform, with decentralization being its main thrust.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov warned yesterday that the whole process would blow up if the US started supplying weapons to Kiev. He said:

“It would be a major blow to the Minsk agreements and would explode the whole situation.”

Moscow would not be able to remain indifferent “to such provocative actions,” he added.

“We’ll have to respond appropriately. Is that necessary for those who are allegedly calling for the normalization of the situation in Ukraine? I have serious doubts. People may be irresponsible in their actions, but there must be an end to this madness [of] indulging Kiev’s warmongering.”

Latvian Prime Minister: No One Wants World War III over Ukraine

Speaking on Latvian television yesterday, Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma said that no one is ready to start the Third World War. Western countries are refraining “from too sharp a reaction” by not disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international interbank system and avoiding military intervention in the Donbas conflict, since they fear that their actions can further contribute to escalation of the conflict.

As cited by Mirror of Ukraine from (Latvian), she said:

“No one is ready to start the Third World War. Germany is especially cautious in this regard. Because there is nothing more important than to engage in a dialogue and come to a consensus.”

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