The Fall of Zeus

…Doomsday is rolling in on the transatlantic economy like a heavy British fog.Lyndon LaRouche, Feb 27, 2015

The following are a paraphrase of remarks made by Lyndon LaRouche during a discussion preceding the regular LaRouchePAC weekly webcast on February 27, 2015.

We have initiated a critical turning point this week with what I have said beginning Tuesday. The way in which things were being formulated prior was wrong and reflected a degree of stupidity which comes when people believe in myths. The myth is that this system can somehow survive. It can’t! The entire thing is doomed by its own hand, and anyone who believes in this system is an idiot.

What was required was for me to take this issue out of the domain of broad generalities that appeal to popular opinion and to put it instead in very precise terms. This has now been circulating and we’ve begun to get people responding. If the Obama option is allowed to go forward, despite any pretenses he may have to limit this as a conflict on the Eurasian continent, we will be facing an extinction warfare in very short order. The Joint Chiefs of Staff will recognize the validity of what I’ve said, and they will not be willing to allow that consequence to occur. Therefore, Obama must be put under strict control as swiftly as possible.

At times like this, it’s not muscular power which moves history. It won’t come from overwhelming the enemy through numbers or force. It’s the very system itself which can no longer exist. It can’t continue to exist because of its own inability to exist. Therefore, its doom is inevitable. They are already doomed, they’re just pretending. It’s like the walking dead. It’s not just a matter of whether they make a mistake or not. There’s no way within this universe that they can exist. Merely by their own continued adherence to their own existence are they finishing themselves.

Watch the February 27, 2015 webcast featuring Jeffrey Steinberg, Benjamin Deniston, and Dennis Small elaborating the discussion with Lyndon LaRouche.

It required my insight to see beyond popular opinion and the stupidity of the myths that people tend to believe in. People believe in myths, and the existence of this system is a myth. It cannot survive. The question is, who will finish them? Will they finish themselves, as well as the rest of us along with them? Or, will we finish them, and replace them with something that actually possesses viability to exist?

Tell the truth: they are doomed! One way or another, they’re doomed. The question is — will you continue to go along with them or not? That’s what I did this week. We must cause people to recognize this reality, and cause this system to be dumped. It cannot be saved, no matter what.

Take Greece for example. This is clear. Greece is going to be a real trigger. They have no option. They don’t have to honor in any way that which they do not owe. The advantage is theirs. They are in no way obliged to honor what they do not wish to. What they will do is to make a deal with Russia. Just look at the map! They’re going to leave the Euro, they have no choice. Germany, others are going to push them out. When they leave, however, the whole system will collapse. The entire Wall Street and related system will come tumbling down. It will be a sweeping financial collapse, it will come on like a torrent. An unstoppable torrent. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, people will tend to assume that it will not happen. But it will! And it will have a chain reaction effect on the entire Euro system. And the present management of that system will disintegrate. France is already turning its back on this.

The lesson of Greece is: these guys are doomed! They cannot pay, and they won’t. That’s all there is to it. There is no way in this universe that this system can survive. Schauble is out of his mind to try to defend this thing. Anyone who is committing themselves to a system which is already doomed is clinically insane. There is no one who can win that game. No one! They must be stupid, or senile, to believe that they can. This whole system is hopelessly bankrupt, and has been for a very long time. We’ve known that to be the case. Now its in its death knell. Sound it!

And what is waiting out there to replace it? The BRICS system. This is actually viable. This has viability to exist. Compare the transatlantic system to what these nations are doing. What is happening in Asia has viability, it has the capability to actually work. The transatlantic system does not! And therefore, it will be replaced. This is already in motion! You’ve just got a little problem coming from this corner of the world, however. A nuisance. The walking dead.

And anyone who believes in this system is an idiot. It’s already dead! The only thing you can do is replace the bankrupt system with a non-bankrupt system. And anyone who’s intelligent or sane knows that it’s time to move your economy out of the graveyard and find a new address. The Greeks are doing this. They’re establishing close ties with Russia, with China, with other viable nations, and as a result, a great rejuvenation will occur very soon. Greece will return to its legacy as a great maritime power!

Look at what’s happening in Ukraine. We’re looking at real genocide here. Putin’s use of this language was calculated and absolutely correct. Because we’re dealing with Nazis here! Victoria Nuland and her killer gang of Nazis. We know that Nazis have taken over Ukraine, seizing power through a coup, and carrying out atrocities against the people of Ukraine. Under the direction of whom? Victoria Nuland and her allies here in Washington!

Or take for example Netanyahu. He is brutish and insane. This has gone too far and it’s time that he is thrown out with the political garbage. Anyone with an ounce of sanity will recognize that this is not going to work. Working out a secret deal with the Saudis to launch strikes against Iran? That’s going too far. When he starts bargaining and making deals with the Saudis, then he’s gone too far. It’s time to dump this guy. And John Boehner too. Make it a package deal. You’ve already got a number of these members of congress announcing that they’re going to boycott, that they’re just going to not show up. I’d say it’s time for this guy to be dumped. And probably a lot of people in his own country would agree with me.

We must recognize the winds and tides of history. Don’t get stubborn and try to resist. Set your sails accordingly. Choose your voyage, chart your course, ensure you’ve picked the right mission and direction, and set sail! …Our job is to make history move! Don’t try to explain why history is moving. Be the cause of its movement, and create the future!— Lyndon LaRouche • Feb. 27, 2015

The point is, history is not a mechanical process. It’s not a muscle-game. There are higher processes, higher orders. You can’t bet on them. You have to recognize, that one way or another, this system is doomed. And it’s not because I said so. It’s because it’s true! And that’s what I did this week. I simply said what others weren’t saying. I pointed out what others were refusing to see. We’ve reached a turning point this week. I didn’t create it, I just pointed it out. And people responded. We shouldn’t react to what’s given to us; we should respond to what’s not given to us. That’s leadership. Tell the truth, don’t try to interpret other people’s nonsense. Only then are you qualified to make policy

Doomsday is rolling in on the transatlantic economy like a heavy British fog. And we need to be the winds that blow those clouds away. How do we do that? Just say the truth! Wall Street is inherently bankrupt, it’s claiming assets it does not have. Don’t try to negotiate with the dead. Just give the system its proper burial and replace it with a system which has viability to exist.

A sweeping change is needed. This whole system is falling apart. Everything is going wrong. The only thing it has to offer is dark age and war. What we need is a Nicholas of Cusa, who created the possibility of modern civilization. And his predecessor, Brunelleschi — the literal architect of the Renaissance! He cast the shadows of the human mind, and Cusa defined its actuality. And this laid the foundation then for Kepler, who in turn laid the basis for the work of Leibniz following him. That’s where we have to go today.

We must recognize the winds and tides of history. Don’t get stubborn and try to resist. Set your sails accordingly. Choose your voyage, chart your course, ensure you’ve picked the right mission and direction, and set sail! China’s doing this. Others are doing this. There are whole areas of the world who are doing this! We’ve got to realize that our job is to make history move! Don’t try to explain why history is moving. Be the cause of its movement, and create the future!

We are experiencing now the fall of Zeus. Our job is to cook his goose!


Russian Military Warns: ‘Tactical’ Nuclear War, Prompt Global Strike Won’t Work

Gen.-Maj. Andrei Burbin, chief of the Central Command Post of the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) gave an unusual on-air briefing Sunday on Russia’s readiness to use its strategic nuclear weapons under conditions of attack on the country, including the much-ballyhooed U.S. Prompt Global Strike scheme for a non-nuclear attempt to destroy the Russian retaliatory capability. The message from this Russian officer is that “utopian” military schemes for “limited nuclear war” or a “counterforce” destruction of Russia’s nuclear weapons are illusory: They will fail, and the result will be retaliation against the United States using the intercontinental ballistic missiles of Russia’s SMF. Burbin’s interview by military analyst Igor Korotchenko, editor of the journal Natsionalnaya oborona (National Defense), was cited by major Russian wire services and newspapers, including the government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Highlights were showcased in English by Sputnik News, RT, and other outlets, indicating a high-level decision to get out this statement of Russia’s military posture worldwide.

The first half of the interview concerned the scientific and psychological training of SMF officers, who man the “most combat-ready and capable component of the strategic nuclear triad,” namely land-based ICBMs. These forces “are capable of performing their mission within minutes.” Also explored was the command-and-control function, including multi-channel communications between President Putin as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and the SMF.

Korotchenko then asked about the just-ended, month-long SMF training cycle. Gen. Burbin said that their main practice mission had been “to move our mobile missile units away from an attack,” so that the ability to launch a retaliatory strike would be preserved:

“We worked on changing and extending the positioning areas, maneuvering the units, and thus increasing the survivability of these units and making the task of our probable adversary more difficult.”


“So, the retaliatory strike potential will be ensured under all circumstances? It is no secret that the Prompt Global Strike concept now exists, meaning large-scale use of high-precision non-nuclear weapons, in order to make a disarming first strike in a critical situation, and thus knock out capabilities such as our strategic nuclear forces.”


“This issue has been addressed. Within the developing or changing situation, we have already worked through this challenge and can meet it. The point is that, under any circumstances, the SMF can carry out their mission. And if it is necessary to perform the mission of launching a nuclear missile strike, this will be done in the prescribed time frame, with absolute certainty. Our units are geographically deployed in such a way, that no global strike is capable of disabling the entire SMF.”

To a follow-up question, Burbin replied that this “absolutely” applies to a nuclear attack on Russia, as well. The discussion also touched on the ability of the SMF to function “under real war conditions, with attempted interference and the deployment of sabotage teams.” The SMF officer said that this also involved countering new technologies, an allusion to stepped-up electronic or cyber warfare. Reviewing the Topol-M and Yars missile-building programs, Burbin noted that by 2020, 98% of the SMF will consist of new missiles.

Summing up, Burbin said:

“The missile forces, which are in permanent combat-readiness, perform the task of strategic deterrence in peacetime. Thanks to the SMF, we are living without war today.”

Korotchenko rejoined:

“The conclusion for all of us, for our country and for the world, is that Russia’s nuclear shield is reliable, and that military orders will be carried out in any situation that develops.”

In the call-in portion of the program, after the general had left the studio, Korotchenko continued this discussion with listeners, noting the turnaround of the Russian military during the past two years since Gen. Sergei Shoygu became minister of defense, and the emergence of a new, highly competent generation of Russian officers. He commented,

“This is very important, when Obama is threatening us with sanctions and divine retribution, and hands are itching to press the button. So the Americans know that if you press, then the button will be pressed in response. And this makes for strategic equilibrium, and puts us on an equal footing with the Americans. Maybe we’re weak in some areas, or the liberals say things are bad here, and that sanctions will suffocate us, but a great country that has a nuclear shield cannot be suffocated by any sanctions.”

Lavrov: BRICS-Led Economic Partnership Preferable to Geopolitics and World War

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov outlined Russia’s foreign policy in a “difficult” international period, in an address to the Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign Ministry. As in his Feb. 23 speech at the United Nations, Lavrov lamented the “systematic violations” of principles of the UN Charter by the U.S.A. and others. He especially emphasized the lack of security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region, attributed it to the West’s “line towards seizing geopolitical space and moving eastward: both through NATO expansion and the implementation of the EU Eastern Partnership initiative.”

Foreign Minister Lavrov stated:

“Russian interests were not taken into account, and our numerous initiatives, including the elaboration of the European Security Treaty were either dragged out or shelved. This policy reached its peak when the Washington- and Brussels-supported unconstitutional coup and armed seizure of power took place in Ukraine in February of last year.”

Lavrov denounced U.S. President Obama’s latest National Security Strategy document, for expressing “a striving for global domination and a readiness to unilaterally use armed force…. This 30-page document mentions over a hundred times the issue of the exclusive right of the U.S. to implement the notorious ‘American leadership.'”

He warned:

“The White House seems to have forgotten about the consequences of the attempts to gain hegemony at the expense of the interests of other members of the world community.”

“Concerted efforts” by nations, Lavrov countered, are the only way to address difficult international problems. He dwelt on “Eurasian integration, our absolute priority,” starting with the Eurasian Economic Union in its own right, and as “a bridge between the integration structures of Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region.” Russia’s current presidency of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS, Lavrov added, is guided by “the philosophy of collective efforts,” exemplified by the BRICS “projects for a new development bank and a reserve currency pool, and coordinating the strategy of economic partnership and the road map of investment cooperation,” opening up “new vistas of cooperation.”

Lavrov pointed to President Putin’s commitment to meshing these efforts with cooperation with Europe, saying that Russia’s turn to the East is envisioned as paralleling better relations with the West. But he warned that this will be impossible, “without reaffirming the principles of non-interference in internal affairs of sovereign states, and without abandoning the sanctions pressure and the attempts to stage so-called color revolutions, or encouraging radical extremist forces.” He said:

“We have no plans for slipping into self-isolation or confrontation. At the same time, outside pressure will not lead us to revise our principled policy. … Washington has failed to put together a global anti-Russian coalition.”

Lavrov took several questions on the implementation status of the Feb. 12 Minsk Accords on de-escalating the civil war in Ukraine’s Donbass, and answered in detail questions on Syria and on Russian-Chinese relations, which he said had reached “an unprecedented level.”

“[Those relations] are based on our complementary economies and shared interests. Of course, energy plays a big role, but it goes beyond Russia supplying oil and gas for the Chinese economy. There is also cutting-edge technology, primarily the nuclear power industry, which Russia is actively helping to develop in China. … One can also mention high-tech aviation technologies and other aspects.”

Lavrov defended these ties in language similar to Chinese President Xi’s refrain about “win-win” cooperation:

“Some people are warning against excessive interdependence, but I see nothing dangerous in this. The world should be interdependent. When interdependence has as its legal basis a balance between partners’ interests, that is only to be welcomed.”

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2 Responses to The Fall of Zeus

  1. Tom Arnall says:

    A corrupt system will destroy itself. Our only task is organizing a replacement.

    • Thanks Tom,
      Agree totally with your comment. The BRICS model is what we need on a global scale – a win-win system befitting of and reflecting the true nature of humanity. Happily it’s already rolling and working beautifully – all we need now is for the US to jump on board, the rest will soon follow.

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