Showdown Looms on Greek Debt Bomb and NATO War on Russia

The European Central Bank on Thursday accelerated the timetable for a showdown with Greece over the actual bankruptcy of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system. At the same time, NATO provocations in the Black Sea and the Baltics have put the danger of an out-of-control war in the heart of Eurasia on a similar fast-track. The two patterns are not unrelated, but are a reflection of the impulse, on the part of leading British factions, to provoke what they insanely believe could be a war, confined to the territory of Eurasia–targeted at the leading BRICS nations of Russia, China, and India.

At the meeting of the ECB governing board on Thursday, Mario Draghi rolled out the bank’s $1.2 trillion quantitative easing swindle, which will begin on Monday with the purchase of 60 billion euros in tarnished assets from the major European banks. The QE program excludes Greece and Cyprus, and the ECB board refused to allow Greece to print new government bonds to maintain the capitalization of the major Greek banks. While the Eurozone finance ministers agreed to a four-month standoff with Greece, the ECB is clearly going for a short-term showdown–hoping that Greece will cave in.

Lyndon LaRouche, on Thursday, emphasized that there is no way out for Greece, or for any country in Europe, so long as the mountain of unpayable gambling debt is kept on the books. So, this is a showdown in Europe, and the outcome will hit Wall Street immediately, as well. On Monday, the Eurozone finance ministers meet again to consider the Greek proposal for a four- month period, in which to work out the details of a debt conference, and an end to the genocidal austerity.

The showdown on the bankruptcy of the British trans-Atlantic system is driving the push for war. Four NATO war ships entered the Black Sea on Thursday for maneuvers. Russia announced it would be conducting air maneuvers in the same area, and 2,000 Russian troops are also engaged in training exercises near the Ukraine border.

The British House of Lords had released a new so-called comprehensive study of the Ukraine crisis, pinning all of the blame on Putin and Russia. The British, once again, are playing for a war against Russia, this time using the United States, under President Barack Obama, as the suckers to engage in a war of annihilation against Moscow.

The Nemtsov assassination is continuing to reverberate, but with more voices joining Lyndon LaRouche in condemning the assassination, as part of the ongoing “color revolution,” being engineered by the likes of Victoria Nuland, to overthrow Putin and throw Russia into chaos. A prominent Greek strategic analyst, Ilias Iliopoulos, has written that the assassination of Nemtsov was the work of the Western forces pushing the ouster of Putin, and he named ex-Obama Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, along with Victoria Nuland, as the likely architects of the operation.

The speaker of the Russian Duma, in an interview with Russian TV on Thursday, made clear that those in the West, who claim “Russia is isolated,” are disconnected from reality. Russia is a core player in the new, emerging BRICS alliance, which already represents 42 percent of the world population, and 27 percent of real global wealth. That is hardly “isolation.” Putin, in a mid-week address to leaders of the Russian Interior Ministry, made clear that Russia will repel the “color revolution” operations being run. In the same breath, he condemned the Nemtsov assassination as part of the assault on Russia.

As Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized this week, these crisis conditions demand bold war-avoidance action. Obama and Nuland must be ousted from office now. Netanyahu and his Saudi alliance, for a Hundred Years’ religious war inside the Islamic world, must be exposed as the British population- reduction program that it is, and promptly crushed. The United States must be brought into the BRICS new paradigm. That process starts with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, bankrupting Wall Street; the launching of a high-technology, capital-intensive infrastructure, and job-creation programs through large amounts of Federal credit; and the establishment of a Hamiltonian national bank to drive the process forward.

There are no gimmicks or tricks that are going to work. Only these measures can reliably avert a plunge into a war in Eurasia that will never be contained, but will lead, as Russian military officials have repeatedly warned, in recent days, to a full-scale thermonuclear war.


Stephen Cohen Warns of Looming Fascist Coup in Kiev

Stephen Cohen, a prominent Princeton and NYU Russian scholar, who is now traveling in Western Europe with his wife, The Nation publisher Katrina Vanden Heuvel, and University of Chicago professor Dr. John Mearsheimer, granted an interview to New York City radio host John Batchelor, warning that there is a growing prospect of a fascist coup d’etat in Kiev to overthrow President Petro Poroshenko. Cohen, Vanden Heuvel, and Mearsheimer all spoke at a round-table in Brussels earlier this week.

In the radio interview, Cohen warned that Poroshenko’s position is precarious, given the opposition of Right Sector and other fascist and ultra-nationalist factions to the Minsk accords, and their rise to prominence in the Ukraine government after the last elections. In the aftermath of the defeat at Debaltseve, Cohen warned, Poroshenko is even more dependent on the “volunteer” battalions dominated by Right Sector and other Banderists, who outright reject the Minsk Accords, vow to fight on, and will never sit down with the leaders from Donetsk and Luhansk.

According to the Sputnik News account of the Batchelor interview, Cohen warned that there is a “fascist coup” brewing in Kiev, against Poroshenko, and this is cause for worry for the EU and the US. He indicated that the Obama Administration would probably prefer to have Poroshenko replaced by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who is well-known as Victoria Nuland’s asset, and would be welcomed as “the IMF’s man.” Yatsenyuk hates Russia, is pushing a wall along the Ukraine-Russia border, and in a recent visit to Berlin, described the Soviet Union’s liberation of Ukraine and Germany in World War II as an “invasion,” putting him spiritually in the hardcore neo-Nazi Banderist camp.

Greek Defense Scholar Says Nemtsov Murder Part of West’s Destabilization of Putin

Greek historian and security analyst Ilias Iliopoulos has joined Lyndon LaRouche and other Western specialists who are denouncing the murder of Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov, as part of the West’s destabilization of Russia, and its drive for regime-change against President Vladimir Putin.

In an interview with RIA Novosti published in Sputnik News yesterday, Iliapoulos was blunt:

“As an analyst in the field of international politics, I am struck by the fact that Washington, Brussels and the mass media they control has so quickly jumped to blame the leadership of the Russian government and President Putin personally for Nemtsov’s murder. [They did so] without any facts or serious studies. Logically-minded persons, and especially politicians and political analysts, understand that President Putin does not and could not have anything to do with the murder.”

He noted that, for the past 15 years, Nemtsov has been totally isolated for his ties, during the 1990s, with Yeltsin, Chubais, Chernomyrdn, and Berezovsky. “Surely nobody truly believes that President Putin, who saved Russia from disaster, who put the country back on her feet again, would need to even seriously worry about, much less consider the murder of a person who said that Crimea should be returned to Russia’s enemies.”

Iliopoulos specifically cited Nemtsov’s 2012 visit with Michael McFaul, the US Ambassador in Moswcow, whose real assignment was to coordinate the color revolution overthrow of Putin.

After expressing his growing concern over the provocations against Russia, Iliopoulos raised the vital question of cui bono. “It is clear that it is those forces in the West, which seek to inflict a political and psychological blow to Russian society and to cause an `orange revolution’ like the one in Maidan.”

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