LaRouche: O’Malley is Right about Glass-Steagall

Since last Friday, March 6, in Concord, New Hampshire, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has been pressing his exploratory bid for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination around the central issue of the restoration of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law of 1933, overturned in 1999.

“We should get this out everywhere,” Lyndon LaRouche said today.

“Both Glass-Steagall, and the fact that O’Malley’s running on it. O’Malley’s raised this question, and anyone who opposes that policy, has to be considered as a defective choice for a candidacy for President. O’Malley’s the only one right now, who has the qualifications for being a Presidential candidate. The others will now have to declare themselves on this. You cannot ‘go along to get along’ forever with Wall Street.”

What’s the problem in the U.S.? It’s that the financial side of things from Washington’s standpoint, does not accord with the interests of the United States. It’s the same problem in Europe: the point is that certain interests want to protect their financial interests, even though those financial interests are now becoming worthless.

Look at the whole European thing. Europe is actually raping Greece, and has been doing it for some time. And it hurts like Hell when you don’t go along with that deal. So, people don’t have a care for the world: they care for their own petty, cheap interests.

The time has come to break up the Eurozone. Just break it up. Tell them the time has come to break it up, on the very theme that that institution does not know how to behave itself. It’s time to get rid of it, because it’s becoming like an arrogant bastard. It has no rightful claims to authority over other nations.

What Europe is doing in their gambling system, means it’s impossible to get peace in the Middle East or anywhere else. It means that if Greece pulls out, on the one hand, then the Eurozone collapses. But the opposite also works the same way. If they stay in, it disintegrates by the weight of their presence.

SEE “Glass Steagall”

The whole thing is fraudulent. This stuff has no value: this banking system. And they ought to get back to the United States policy. Forget the fact that a couple of clowns voted down U.S. law in 1999: Glass-Steagalll must be restored. We’ve got to get that Glass-Steagall restoration and throw it at the U.S. Congress, and say “This fraud is what caused our problems.”

“O’Malley’s right,” LaRouche said.

“It has to be done. It is the key step. That, of course, would sink Wall Street. That’s the whole point. Anyone who’s running on a Wall Street ticket doesn’t deserve election.”

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