LaRouche Warns: With P5+1 Deal, Who Will Curb Saudis and Bibi?

Lyndon LaRouche today warned that, with the reaching of an agreement between the P5+1 and Iran, to guarantee that the Iranian nuclear program is strictly peaceful, the big question is now: Who is going to curb both Saudi Arabia and Israel from wrecking the agreement and blowing up the entire region in a big war? Israel is already the sole regional country with an arsenal of nuclear weapons, and Saudi officials have made clear that they are prepared to arrange to obtain a nuclear weapon, on short notice, from Pakistan.

“If no one is prepared to bring the Saudis under control,” LaRouche warned, “the whole deal is going to blow up—literally. Unless you put both the Saudis and the Israelis under tight restriction, this is not going to work.”

LaRouche warned that, as the result of the recent Israeli elections, “the Israeli government is in the hands of a wild idiot who cannot be trusted at all.”

LaRouche added that a further precondition for any genuine security is the removal of President Obama from office, and the takedown of the entire Bush League apparatus.

“Unless you face this reality, between the Saudis and the Israelis, the entire deal can be nullified.”

“The BRICS system must be permitted to take over the entire process if there is to be any hope of success and stability. The core principles of the BRICS new paradigm are fair chances for all. It is going to take considerable time,” LaRouche continued, “to achieve a lasting peace. We need a decade or two of real productivity. That means the end of the Wall Street system, under which the population is robbed and terrorized.”

Under the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that was worked out in the Lausanne, Switzerland talks over the past several months, Iran will greatly reduce its uranium enrichment and stockpiles, submit to intense IAEA inspections, re-engineer the heavy water reactor at Arak, and convert the enrichment facility at Fordow into a research facility, no longer enriching uranium. In return the US and EU will suspend sanctions, and the UN Security Council sanctions will be lifted, but under a new resolution endorsing the JCPA and imposing new penalties on any violations. The duration of the agreement is 15 years, with some provisions extending for 25 years.

LaRouche concluded by emphasizing the dire consequences of failing to act on his warnings.

“The alternative is war—general war that will rapidly become a thermonuclear war of annihilation. That is the plain truth of the current situation. This is not about the Persian Gulf or the Middle East. It is certainly not about Iran. This is about war against Russia and China.

“The British and Wall Street forces, engineering what we see in the Saudi and Israeli madness today, are out to start a war in the heart of Eurasia, a war against Russia and China. They believe that such a war can be limited, to eliminate a large portion of the population of that region, which they have targeted for mass-kill; but in the real world, such utopian fantasies don’t really work. If they prevail, it means the kind of war that can wipe out mankind.”

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