Friday Webcast: China Provides Solution to California’s Drought Crisis

If California Wants Water They Must Think Like China, Look Upon Earth From The Solar System

The emergency water crisis in California and the west requires new perspectives and new solutions — conservation and restrictions are a path to the death of the state. California needs new supplies of water to survive, but, more importantly, to make this happen the United States needs a to break from the past two generations of degeneration and join in the new global paradigm being led by China and the BRICS. While the United States has let the west wither and dry, China is securing their future with the largest water projects ever constructed by mankind. While Obama has been destroying the space program of the United States, China has returned to the Moon and is preparing the way for the development of the Solar System. A return to growth and progress is the only path to survival — not only for California, for the entire nation — and it takes mankind into new levels of understanding the global water system as a product solar and galactic processes.

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