If It Is Brown, Flush It!

In discussion with colleagues on Sunday, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that what we have done with Ben Deniston’s work on water is one of the finest things anyone in his organization has ever done. With this work, we have the best possible shot delivered to us to save mankind, a real masterpiece, upon which the fate of mankind depends. If we act decisively on this, it may achieve things that will save the human species.

For that reason it is crucial that no effort at changing the subject be allowed to succeed.

The next two weeks are decisive. We are in a war as never before and we must strike with this work before the enemy knows what has happened to him. If we do that, as we must, all hell will break out.

Immediately, the press release, “Don’t Let California Go Brown; The Water Exists, Develop It!” must be circulated as widely as possible. Ben Deniston’s EIR article entitled “Memo for the Next President—New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis,” must also be widely distributed.

As Jerry Brown’s comments in the Sunday New York Times indicate, this is a killer issue. In an article entitled, “California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth,” Brown says: “You just can’t live the way you always have. For over 10,000 years, people lived in California, but the number of those people were never more than 300,000 or 400,000.”

As Lyndon LaRouche stated: “The present Brown is a degenerate. He comes from a family with the opposite direction. This is evil. If you don’t hit this mentality, you will be guilty of complicity in the consequences to mankind.”

LaRouche stressed that we must rally forces nationally with the precise perspective laid out in Ben Deniston’s article and recent presentations.

What he presented is that the water available to man is ultimately defined from the standpoint of Kepler in terms of the solar system and its interaction within the galaxy and beyond. By mastering this principle man can develop sufficient levels of moisture to meet his needs, beyond what appears to be available otherwise.

In other words, as LaRouche stated on Sunday, “new sources of moisture are already latent inside the solar system.” From this standpoint, which mankind should have already known, based on Kepler, that water is not a finite resource. Based on this galactic principle, we can create new water cycles. Specifically, we can develop the freshwater resources of the oceans, through nuclear desalination, and of the sky, through ionization.

As LaRouche stressed, this is the only way to go. There is no other solution, If we don’t adopt this principle as Ben Deniston laid it out precisely, we will fail.

For example, it would be an existential error to capitulate to any form of prevailing popular opinion on this issue as to what is perceived to be a practical approach. Don’t build your way up to this principle, but rather start from the top.

What the Deniston article does is lay out the standard, the principle. What now needs to be done is to organize the processes that will lead to application of that principle.

As LaRouche emphasized, we know we can do that. The question is, will we have the guts to do it.

The approach needed to solve the water crisis in the United States is precisely the approach being taken by the Chinese lunar program, which is the spearhead of the BRICS process, which is emerging at an accelerating rate as the global alternative to war.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche added, “We are at one of those moments in which revolutions and renaissances are eminently possible.” It is under such conditions that we have the opportunity to change the false axiomatic popular assumptions which are leading humanity to self-destruction.

Lyndon LaRouche concluded by stressing that currently Martin O’Malley is the best thing you can get right now. Don’t assume there is someone else out there. The question is how are we going to build an organization around what he is doing? How do we create a mass movement in the U.S. at a rapid rate to win the next Democratic Party national election?


Don’t Let California Go Brown: The Water Exists, Develop It!

The announcement by California Governor Jerry Brown last week exemplifies the failure of water policies in California (and the nation) for the past two generations. Restricting water use and trying to conserve a dwindling supply will lead to the death of California and any western state which adopts such a Brown policy. When it comes to water management: if it’s Brown, flush it down!

Clean water exists—for California, for Texas, and for other states in the West—it just needs to be developed.

The LaRouchePAC Science Team has just released a groundbreaking article demonstrating a new perspective for the development of water supplies, “New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis.” The future of water, for California and for the world, depends upon a new understanding of the global water system as driven by solar and galactic processes. Water is not a finite resource; it is not used up and discarded. The Earth’s water system is a cyclical process, powered by solar and galactic forces. The entire history of mankind has been tied to the management and improvement of natural water cycles, and the future of mankind depends upon not only better management of those cycles, but the creation of new water cycles.

Did you know that in at least seven different nations, ground-based ionization systems have been successfully used to increase rainfall?

Did you know that nations in the Middle East create fresh water from the oceans with desalination systems three to five times larger than anything found in the United States?

Did you know that China’s South-North Water Transfer Project has already surpassed what has been done in our nation?

It is time for California and other states to get out of the Brown past, and into the blue future.

With the galactic perspective provided in the new LaRouchePAC article, the western United States can develop the freshwater resources of the oceans and of the sky. California and Texas have some of the largest coastlines of the entire nation, and nuclear-powered desalination can free these coastal regions from a dependence upon unstable precipitation patterns. Ground-based ionization systems to stimulate rainfall can be set up for further testing and demonstration in the short term, potentially allowing mankind to tap into the vast moisture reserves of the atmosphere. Additional water transfer projects can supply the freshwater needs farther inland.

Much of the world is now progressing and moving in this direction, led by China and the BRICS nations. The new release by the LaRouchePAC provides the path by which the United States can join in this orientation to the future.

See: “New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis” and related video material at www.LaRouchePAC.com/Global-Water


Jerry Brown’s Genocidal Policy

On ABC News‘ “This Week,” Jerry Brown proclaimed:

“And I can tell you, from California, climate change is not a hoax. We’re dealing with it and it’s damn serious.”

In a New York Times article entitled “California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth,” Jerry Brown is further quoted as follows:

“You just can’t live the way you always have. For over 10,000 years, people lived in California, but the number of those people were never more than 300,000 or 400,000.”

If Jerry Brown and those who think like him, including at the New York Times, were to prevail, then indeed the population of California and much of the rest of humanity would be doomed.

The fact of the matter is that the crisis in California is not caused by human activity. Climate change as Jerry Brown conceives it is indeed a hoax.

As Ben Deniston of the LaRouche Basement science team demonstrates in his recently published “Memo for the next President: New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis,” the cause of the crisis in California and elsewhere is to be located on the level of solar, cosmic, and galactic factors.

The real crisis is not climate change due to human activity, but rather a failure to address a change in the climate caused by solar, cosmic, and galactic factors, as a result of human inactivity, specifically the suppression of human scientific creativity.

Not taking showers as proposed by Jerry Brown will not solve the problem. Nor would group showers, which Jerry Brown might be inclined to propose in the near future.

Rather, the only solution lies in what Jerry Brown has a short supply of—creativity.

Ultimately, the choice is to grow or die. If Brown’s policy is adopted, then the population of California may very well be reduced to 300,000 or 400,000 people in the short-term.

But the alternative to that is that, by mastering scientific principles—Keplerian principles—we can harness water resources that would allow for an increasing population at an even higher standard of living than currently experienced, including in California.

Two immediate sources of water identified by Ben Deniston in his memo, are nuclear desalination of ocean water, which Brown has adamantly opposed, and ionization-based weather modification. Anyone who wants to prevent human extinction should deal with this, and take this damn seriously.

Revive California Nuclear Desalination Plans Sabotaged by Jerry Brown

During his 1982 campaign for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator in California against then Governor Jerry Brown, LaRouche Democrat Will Wertz issued a pamphlet in which, in addition to proposing the construction of NAWAPA, he specifically proposed implementing two major planned nuclear desalination projects which had been sabotaged by Brown and his green-Brown allies.

The first of these was called the Bolsa Island nuplex off the coast of Orange County. This plan, which was initiated in the mid-1960s called for a dual-purpose nuclear desalting plant located on a man-made island. The complex was to have been built in two phases. In the first phase, the desalination plant would produce 50 million gallons of water per day. Within 4-5 years, an additional 100 million gallons per day capacity would be added, for a total of 150 million gallons per day.

In May 1967 a congressional bill authorizing the project was signed by President Lyndon Johnson. In August 1967, then California Governor Ronald Reagan signed Assembly Bill 1782, authorizing the plan to proceed.

In the 1982 campaign against Jerry Brown, Wertz also proposed to implement the plan to construct six nuclear-powered desalting projects on the U.S.-Mexican border by the year 2000. Each of the projects, comprising 2 to 3 nuclear reactors, would have produced 1 billion gallons of fresh water per day. The projects would thus have provided more than 6 billion gallons of water per day to Southern California and Arizona in the U.S. and Sonora and Baja California in Mexico.

Neither of these plans was implemented, thanks to Jerry Brown, who was Governor of California from 1975 to 1983, and his green-Brown allies. However, both plans could now be part of the solution to the present crisis.

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