What it Takes to Fight Wall Street and Fascism

Two weeks ago, as the western drought threatened to turn deadly, Ben Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Science Team published “Memo to the Next President: New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis,” proving that the water is there to solve the crisis if human creativity is mobilized to get it. His title also made clear that this President, Obama, has to be dumped to get to that solution; and that China’s great infrastructure prowess has to be involved.

But literally as Deniston’s solution-report on the crisis was circulated, California’s green governor, Jerry Brown, lurched instead in the direction of fascist austerity, with a March 31 order to cut water use by 25% in the state. Wall Street- and City of London-ordered austerity had already swept across Europe since the financial crash, literally killing tens of thousands in Greece and other nations designated “European periphery”; now it was turning deadly in the United States.

The policy Brown ordered has quickly escalated to threats to make water utilities that don’t make the mandated cuts, pay far higher water prices, steep fines, or to even cut them off from water for their users entirely. Water use prices have spiked to 20-30 times what they were just a few years ago — to make those without the resources, do without water and perhaps food. Mobilizing to confront this austerity with science, LaRouchePAC California leader Michael Steger and activists hit a “freakout” from Brown henchmen, threatening them with arrest for challenging the doctrine of scarcity of water in the West. Now the question is: How many will have the guts to fight this? And how many will quietly accept the “inevitable” loss of water and food which will hit the poorer people in California, and accelerate the death rate among them? People there have been intimidated against opposing this policy, which will increase the death rate. What California authorities are saying about the water system is a lie. In its effect, it’s a lie in support of a fascist policy which will kill people. They are adopting a policy of genocide against the people of California. It must be called a crime against mankind.

To defend the population, Brown’s henchmen for Wall Street must be challenged and removed from office, so that this crisis can be solved: The water is there! And Ben Deniston’s work has shown it.

In Ukraine, where Russia and the BRICS nations are the real target of the same deadly Wall Street-London austerity policy, many observers can note from afar that Nazis are taking over the country, under the direction of the Obama Administration’s Victoria Nuland. EIR and the Schiller Institute are defending a leader of that nation from Nuland. Lyndon LaRouche has named Nuland as directly responsible for any harm which comes from her Nazis to Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, party leader and twenty years ago a possible President of Ukraine.

We take this challenge, to defend the nation and its people, everywhere. It means destroying Wall Street and removing its fascist henchmen from government.

We have the alternative, created in the BRICS alliance of nations, their new international development banks, their policies of scientific progress. We are presenting it again today to UN diplomats and others in New York City. We have to have the courage to fight for it.


Ukraine MP Assassinated; Vitrenko Describes Threats, Neo-Nazi Laws

In a LaRouchePAC statement issued April 14, Lyndon LaRouche demanded that top U.S. State Department neo-Con Victoria Nuland be held personally responsible if any harm comes to Ukrainian party leader Dr. Natalya Vitrenko, who is threatened by the Nazis Nuland brought to power in Ukraine.

On April 15 Oleh Kalashnikov, a Ukrainian MP and a member of former president Yanukovich’s Party of Regions, was assassinated near his residence in Kiev. “One of his relatives told local media,” according to Sputnik News, “that Kalashnikov was recently threatened with bodily harm due to his political views.”

An interview with Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU) leader Dr. Vitrenko was included in a Channel One Russia TV segment April 12 on the adoption of drastic laws against freedom of expression in Ukraine. Vitrenko described how it is currently impossible for her, a former member of Parliament and Presidential candidate, to organize politically in her country:

“I cannot have contact with the population. I am never allowed on Ukrainian television channels. I cannot hold a rally, because it’s immediately taken over by goons, who come with sticks, chains, and stones, and maim people taking part in the rally.”

Vitrenko reviewed her attack on the nazi laws passed in the Rada on April 9 which she published in a press release last week, calling on President Poroshenko not to sign them.

Amid the renewal of artillery shelling around Donetsk, this past Orthodox Easter weekend saw nighttime attacks in which statues of Soviet-era figures were torn down in the city of Kharkov. Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh, now a Defense Ministry official, posted on his Facebook page images of grenades, decorated as Easter eggs and captioned with a call for divine help in achieving “Victory in the Holy War with the Russian-terrorist bands.”

During the Rada session, which adopted the laws with minimal discussion, testimony on behalf of their passage was given by Yuri Shukhevych, son of Roman Shukhevych, a commander in the German Abwehr’s Nachtigall Battalion, and in 1943 a key figure in the UPA’s Volhynia massacres of Poles living in western Ukraine. Long the head of UNA-UNSO, which became a component of Right Sector, the younger Shukhevych is now an MP from Oleg Lyashko’s Radical Party.

In the Channel One Russia broadcast, Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko, who himself was interrogated by the SBU for 11 hours last week, told an interviewer:

“There is now a dictatorship in the country — of one opinion and one ideology; a dictatorship of those who came to power through the Maidan, and that excludes any pluralism of views.”

The report also highlighted the case of Ukrainian Labor Party leader Alexander Bondarchuk, currently on trial and facing five years in prison for “infringing the territorial integrity of Ukraine” through articles published last August in the newspaper he edits.

Vitrenko Open Letter to Ukraine Official on Threat to Her Life

Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU), and former Member of Parliament (1994-2002) and Presidential candidate (1999, 2004), yesterday issued the following Open Letter to Prosecutor General of Ukraine Victor Shokin:

“Dear Victor Nikolayevich,

“I am compelled to request that you defend my rights and freedoms, including the right to life and the inviolability of my person, from encroachment, organized by the Ukraine Security Service (SBU).

“As you well know, on 14 May 2014 the SBU entered in the Unified State Registry notifications of criminal violations of Part 2, Article 15 and Part 2, Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, against the All-Ukraine Public Women’s Organization Dar Zhizni (Gift of Life), which I head. Since May 2014, the Main Investigative Directorate of the SBU has been conducting a pre-trial investigation under criminal case #22014000000000152.

“The SBU, in violation of the presumption of my innocence, guaranteed by Article 62 of the Constitution of Ukraine, Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and Article 17 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, one year ago circulated a false report, that I was supposedly financing terrorists and separatists through the Dar Zhizni organization.

“The absurdity of this false report is that neither I nor the women’s public organization Dar Zhizni ever had or could have had such plans. Furthermore, the accounts of the Dar Zhizni organization were frozen already on April 29, 2014, since which time it has been impossible to withdraw a single kopeck from them and use it not only for human rights-defense activities, but even for conducting operations mandated under the charter of the organization.

“I was summoned to the SBU twice for interrogation, during which I answered all questions from the investigator in detail and provided to him the agreement, under which the human rights-defense operations of our organization were to be conducted. My explanations and the content of this document absolutely refuted the false report, fabricated by the SBU and distributed through the mass media.

“In the appeals court hearing on the whether or not the freezing of the account was legitimate, neither the investigator nor the prosecutor presented any evidence for the accusations made publicly against our organization. Everything was constructed upon a device that is outlawed in Ukrainian, European, and international law — accusations based on conjecture, guesses, and fabrications.

“Therefore, it has been my opinion, and I state so publicly to you, that the SBU launched a political slander campaign against me and is attempting to shape an image of me as a criminal and enemy of the people, in the public’s opinion. I have been deprived of my rights even to make public refutation.

“Our organization’s account remains frozen, but one week ago came a new media wave to discredit me on the basis of the old false reports. Articles appeared in the media, in particular on the web sites http://www.glavcom.ua , http://www.ukr.net, and http://www.24tv.ua, saying that the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, S. Lavrov, had supposedly allocated 8 million rubles to me for financing separatists and terrorists. Reference was made in these articles to SBU information.

“I have never met Lavrov, put together no plans with him, and have received no money from him. Not for any purpose. And certainly not for infringement of the territorial integrity of Ukraine or for financing terrorists and separatists. Nowhere in the media am I being allowed to state these truths publicly and thus refute the SBU’s false report.

“From this, I draw the conclusion that the SBU, headed by V. Nalyvaychenko, is continuing to build my image as a criminal and enemy of the people, for the purpose of provoking actions against my life — for organizing my physical elimination.

“I believe that the SBU’s actions are blocking my political and public activity, undermining my authority and business reputation, conducting political defamation, and violating my rights and freedoms, guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and the norms and principles of international law.

“I ask you, using your authority under Article 3 of the Constitution of Ukraine, to look into the problems I have identified, and to defend my rights and freedoms, including the right to life and the inviolability of my person.”

Mobilizing Americans to Defend Vitrenko, Stop Fascism in Ukraine

LaRouche movement organizer Michele Steinberg briefed several dozen people around the country participating last night in a special Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) conference call on the fascist threat in Ukraine, on the threat to Ukrainian patriot and friend of the LaRouches, Natalia Vitrenko.

The PDA, which is working on a draft resolution that they want the Progressives in Congress to adopt, to support the Minsk II agreement, featured special guest Ray McGovern, the well-known outspoken campaigner against the neo-Conservative betrayal of the American republic, on the call. McGovern went after the myth that the Ukraine crisis started over Crimea, situating it instead in the United States’ breaking of its “handshake” promise to Russian leaders after the fall of the Berlin Wall, that there would be no NATO expansion. He identified the central role of State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland in installing Nazis and neo-Nazis in power in Ukraine today, and warned that he is more afraid than ever of nuclear war, due to President Obama and his policies, including the BMD.

The attack on Vitrenko was taken very seriously when it was raised in the discussion period. McGovern reported that he had met Natalia Vitrenko at a Schiller Institute conference in Europe where both had spoken, and one of the PDA organizers of the call announced that the LaRouche movement’s release on the threat would be posted to a new “Google group” that PDA has set up.

The growing horror of American patriots over the Nazi regime which Obama and Nuland have installed in Ukraine, was reflected in Tufts University professor Gary Leupp’s article, “Ukraine: The Truth,” published yesterday by Counterpunch. Leupp concludes, after detailing Nuland’s role and Right Sector neo-fascists installed in the government and wielding such shock troops as the notorious Azov Battalion:

“There is a fascist-friendly regime in Ukraine, ushered into power by the U.S. State Department. And it does want to enter NATO, and weaken Russia if possible, by re-establishing control over Crimea and booting the Russian fleet out…

“…[w]ith crazies running the U.S. State Department, successfully promoting a bogus narrative about what’s happened in Ukraine over the last two years—a narrative echoed slavishly by a clueless mainstream media—it’s just barely conceivable that there might come a day in which U.S. forces join the Azov Battalion in battling forces of the Peoples Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk.

“It won’t have anything to do with freedom, any more than the last few U.S. wars have had anything to do with that abstraction. It will be about imperial expansion, which while it might serve the .01% that rules this country, is not in your interest at all.”

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