Brown’s Policies Make CA Model for Fascism Without Fences — Jail Him Now!

Gov. Brown Squirt continues his Goebbels propaganda and death march.  On April 1, he made 25% water cuts mandatory throughout the state.  This policy left discretion to the for-profit and politically powerful water agencies, to orient their distribution to customers who can pay much higher prices, while making the cuts hardest for those who can’t pay now, as it is, let alone with higher prices.  In essence, privatization of water under the mask of public conservation.

Within a week, by April 8, due to the obvious fascist loopholes in Gov. Brown’s executive diktat, there was statewide press coverage of new priorities that would be set by the State Water Resource Board (SWRB), which would supposedly mandate harder cuts to the most affluent communities while giving breaks to the impoverished.  However, even these priorities were another blatant PR campaign to cover up what everyone knows is true, but is too afraid to say: that there are Nazis in Sacramento and they want to kill you.

Now, letters written to the State Water Resources Board by both citizens and city agencies have been published online, which make it clear that these cuts are nothing less than fascism with a pen, and are targeting those very citizens Gov. Brown and his squirts say explicitly they will try to spare.

The City of Compton’s Deputy Director of Public Works, Chad Blais, wrote to Jessica Bean of the SWRB on April 13, subject: “Concerns and Challenges with Proposed Mandatory Conservation.”

After a polite introduction, he says:

“The City of Compton has one of the lowest incomes per household rates in the state, and as a result residents simply can’t afford many of the basic services available (water, electricity, gas) to the community.  As indicated on the draft table ‘Urban Water Suppliers and Proposed Regulatory Framework Tiers to Achieve 25% Use Reduction,’ (i.e., a report by the SWRD) the City of Compton’s gallons per capita day (GPCD) is 65.  This low GPCD is more of a direct reflection of the economic hardship much of this community continues to endure from the recession, versus changes in watering habits.  Many of our residents only get paid once a month from state and federal assistance.  We have heard countless stories of our customers begging for assistance, extensions, and payment plans to pay lesser amounts that will allow them to keep water services on, and use their remaining money to buy medication, food or pay rent.  If you drive through the City of Compton, most of the front yards are brown. Therefore, the prospect of achieving an additional 20% reduction from this community is not feasible.”

He concludes by saying the goals must be realistic and achievable, but what he meant to say, and what is in between the lines but for those who didn’t notice, was, “So, fuck you.  We need water and jobs, not fascism!”

Then there’s the farmers.  Chuck Badger from San Diego writes to Ms. Bean of SWRB, saying, after referencing his 21-employee citrus farm in San Diego,

“It has now been learned the proposed conservation framework considers farming in San Diego County to be part of the urban landscape (sic) and subject to the same restrictions designed to curb excessive landscape irrigation. This provision will create undue harm to farmers in San Diego County, who are just as important as farmers in other parts of the state.  The conservation framework should exclude all agriculture as Governor Brown promised, regardless of location.”

This is nothing less than a desperate move, already in motion, to kill the people of California en masse, and it is a test case for the nation.  Four LaRouche PAC organizers have spent the last two days organizing in the Central Valley, with meetings planned with city councilors and farm groups, and have received a strong response from the population.  It is fair to say for those living in CA who have not joined the Nazi ranks, the bleachers of the arena have been taken away — either you end this fascist policy now or you’re as good as dead, because YOU are in the arena.

First step: Jail Brown for this criminal program and his blatant deceit of the population.

As stated in the CA State Constitution:

“SEC. 2.  It is hereby declared that because of the conditions prevailing in this State, the general welfare requires that the water resources of the State be put to beneficial use to the fullest extent of which they are capable, and that the waste or unreasonable use or unreasonable method of use of water be prevented, and that the conservation of such waters is to be exercised with a view to the reasonable and beneficial use thereof in the interest of the people and for the public welfare.”

What Brown and his Squirts are doing is treason to the state and the nation, and we must say it.


Brown’s Fascist Henchmen: Drought Will Have “Limited Statewide Economic Impact” on California

The Legislative Analyst’s Office of the California Legislature released a report on April 14 which shows the confidence that Governor Brown and his henchmen have that they can pull off their commitment to massive population- reduction in the state, by blatantly lying about the effects of the drought.  They sent out a press release, announcing the report, headlined “Limited Statewide Economic Impact of Drought.” The conclusion of their report is that, “while the drought is affecting many Californians and communities in different ways, we currently do not expect the drought to have a significant impact on statewide economic activity or state government revenues.” They say that a Wall Street Journal survey found that the “vast majority of economists agree that the economic effects of the drought will either be ‘too small to show up’…or be `small but measurable in the data.'”

The main argument they present, is that, since the biggest change in policy, with Brown’s rationing, will be to agricultural use of water, this will have little effect on the state’s GDP! This is because 1.) the communities dependent on agriculture have already been affected, and 2.) agriculture is responsible for only 2% of the state’s GDP.  Thus, a decline in agricultural income “probably would have only a limited impact on the overall state economy.”  Otherwise, with the exception of agriculture, and possible negative consequences for home construction, the outlook is rosy, as revenues are up, and the deficit is low!

To address the last point first, revenues are up, due to the stock bubble created by Wall Street’s trading, using zero-percent-interest money from the Fed to buy stocks. California benefits through Silicon Valley tech companies and start-ups, which created 23 new billionaires in Silicon Valley in 2014, who pay capital gains’ taxes.  The deficit is lower due to fifteen years of murderous austerity, under Schwarzenegger and Brown, which has reduced spending at the expense of human lives, among the poor — especially children — the sick, and the elderly. But more to the point, is the insanity of separating completely the collapse of the physical economy, from the speculative, saying that the collapse of water usage, which will collapse food production, i.e., consumption, will have only a “limited” economic impact — that is, except for the “useless eaters,” who don’t deserve to eat, anyway.

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