It’s “Win-Win” to Stop “Kill-Kill”

As the world heads into decisive weeks on the British Empire’s desperate efforts to provoke a showdown on economic fascism and thermonuclear war, Hung Tran, the executive managing director of the Institute of International Finance–the IIF, otherwise known more simply as the Ditchley Group or the “bankers’ cartel”–issued a stark warning that if Greece is pushed out of the eurozone by insisting that they impose impossible austerity measures, “the whole cohesion of the western alliance would be put in doubt,” and it could bring down the entire trans-Atlantic financial system in short order.

Tran is absolutely right, Lyndon LaRouche commented today. The entire system can come down at any moment, and Greece could be the trigger. But, you don’t have to have that crisis, LaRouche elaborated; it will only occur if Europe continues to try to commit itself to a fraud, the fraud of the financial values associated with the Greek and related debts. This fraud is compounded by everything that Wall Street is doing.

This can all be changed with a return to FDR’s Glass- Steagall policy. Glass-Steagall is the bell-weather for everything that must be done, and we have to push on it in the U.S., and put our forces behind it, LaRouche said. It has been made the central issue of the Presidential campaign by Martin O’Malley, whose mission, as stated so far, is fine, and qualifies him for the Presidency. Such a restoration of Glass-Steagall would be very painful for Wall Street, but it’s exactly what the country and the world needs. O’Malley running with this policy as a potential presidential candidate, provides a global solution.

But we can’t just wait to see if it happens, LaRouche continued. We have to move preemptively, both on Glass-Steagall and on the associated policy of solving the so-called “water crisis,” by rising to the galactic principal that has been elaborated and presented by LaRouche’s scientific policy team. It is that galactic universal physical principal, that is the cause of the water cycle, LaRouche emphasized today, and not the other way around. You have to think, not about the Earth here and now, but outwards to the galaxy (at least), and looking forward 32 million years to the future (at least), to conceptualize the universal creative process governing merely local planetary developments today.

As LaRouche stated in a discussion with members of his association this afternoon:

“There is no water shortage. On Planet Earth, there is no water shortage! Because the water shortage is a relationship between the superior force, the galaxy, and the local force, which is the Planet Earth. Planet Earth is a minor subsidiary of the galactic system…. And all we have to do is to think of the technology which we have to employ in order to take the advantages provided by the galactic system. That means a lot of things and a lot of assumptions of a lot of people, in the U.S. and elsewhere, have to be changed.””Now, the problem is, that we’ve got to get people inside the U.S. in particular, to abandon the policies of what is the present policy under the Obama administration. In other words, if you want to save civilization, you must remove Obama from the U.S. That’s the action… We simply have to change the policy of the U.S. and its relationship to other nations in the trans-Atlantic region. We have to change our policy to fit that requirement. And it can be done. The question is, will it be done? And more to the point, will we, as a nation, be allowed, permitted to take the steps which are feasible to solve this problem?”

That crisis, and that solution-at-hand, is why the British and Obama want to kill, kill, kill, LaRouche said. People don’t realize that Obama is just a dangerous idiot. They are confused, because he displays the attributes of power associated with the U.S. Presidency. But he is not an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination; he is a fool, albeit a dangerous fool.

The British/Obama kill-kill policy is their answer to China’s win-win strategy. It is on display in the continuing Mediterranean migrant murders, which are a direct consequence of Obama’s 2011 war and coup d’etat in Libya, itself a direct sequel to the British-US promotion of the Chechen insurgency against Russia, so vividly denounced by LaRouche in his November 1999 “Storm Over Asia” video report. That Chechen case remains key today, as the pivot to the rise of British-sponsored jihadist terrorism as surrogate warfare against Russia and a civilized concept of Man more broadly.

The kill-kill policy is also seen in the latest butchery of Yazidis committed by the ISIS beasts, whom Obama brought to power across Northern Africa and Southwest Asia. And it is sharply posed in the Ukraine flash point for war against Russia and China, where the same gang that brought you the World War II nazis–i.e. the British Empire and the likes of Prescott Bush–are hell-bent on ensuring that nobody today celebrates the 70th anniversary of the defeat of their nazis, lest those same nazis be stopped again today.

“What’s to celebrate?” you can almost hear the Queen muttering with annoyance.

Watch the original national television broadcast titled “Storm Over Asia,” published by Lyndon LaRouche in 1999.


“Grexit” Could Bring Down the Whole System, Bankers’ Cartel Warns

This coming week could prove decisive on the Greek crisis, and trigger the blowout of the entire trans-Atlantic system. Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly noted that Greece can perfectly well survive departure from the Eurozone, by turning to the BRICS, whereas Germany cannot, and the whole trans-Atlantic system will disintegrate as a consequence. On Wednesday May 6, Greece has a EU200 million payment to the IMF, for which it is scrambling to come up with the cash without agreeing to the Troika demands for sharp austerity; it has a larger payment of EU 750 million due later in the month; and on Monday May 11, the EU Finance Ministers meet, purportedly to decide whether or not to provide Greece with any funds.

The executive managing director of the Institute of International Finance (IIF, the “bankers’ cartel”), Hung Tran, who was a representative of private bondholders during the 2012 Greek haircut negotiations, has warned that if Greece is driven to a Grexit, “the whole cohesion of the western alliance would be put in doubt.” He told the Telegraph that the consequences would be complex and were “not fully understood,” and that a Greek exit “would throw the [eurozone] bloc into chaos.” He said that the problem is not immediate contagion, but “the natural question is: who will be next… Questions will arise about the alignment of Greece in terms of foreign policy, security policy, and so on, and the whole cohesion of the western alliance would be put in doubt.” The Telegraph article explains that “there has been speculation that Athens would seek help from Moscow to ease the country’s debt crisis, and to counter pressure from its creditors in the EU.”

ECB head Mario Draghi’s QE policy has only created a false sense of security, while the whole of Europe has become progressively more polarized, Tran said. He insisted that there is “room for compromise… [and a] last minute deal,” and that it would not be wise to push Greece to the wall by reversing current plans to raise the minimum wage and by making further pension cuts—which is exactly what the Troika is now doing.

A second article in the Telegraph reported on May 1 demonstrations in Athens, with the participation of Syriza members and government officials including Finance Minister Varoufakis, rejecting pension cuts and demanding that wage increases go through. Labor Minister Panos Skourletis said the government’s policy would proceed, describing it as a “deep and immovable red line.” The article notes that German President Joachim Gauck on Friday supported the Greek government’s demand that Greece be paid reparations by Germany for crimes carried out by the Third Reich. Gauck said it was the “right thing to do for a history-conscious country like ours.”

CFR Issues Call for Escalation of Confrontation with China

A new paper written by Robert Blackwell and Ashley Tellis, “Revising U.S. Grand Strategy Toward China,” has been published by the CFR, arguing China will be the U.S.’s “most significant competitor” for the foreseeable future and demanding a confrontation. The full report is not yet available, but a summary issued by the CFR says the report argues that the U.S. should:

  • “Substantially increase the U.S. defense budget and intensify a consistent U.S. naval and air presence in the South and East China Seas,” and “accelerate the U.S. ballistic- missile defense posture in the Pacific.”
  • “Deliver on the TPP… A major push by the White House for ratification should therefore begin immediately in the new Congress.”
  • “Pay increased attention to limiting China’s access to advanced weaponry and military critical technologies… Constrict China’s access to all technologies, including dual use.”
  • “Impose costs on China that are in excess of the benefits it receives from its violation in cyberspace… Increase U.S. offensive cyber capabilities.”
  • “Build up the power-political capabilities of its friends and allies on China’s periphery,” especially India.

Lead author Robert Blackwell is Henry A. Kissinger senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy at the CFR. He was previously with RAND, and was a high-level national security official in both the George H.W. and George W. Bush administrations, as well as ambassador to India from 2001 to 2003. Ashley Tellis is also a RAND man, with a Navy background, who is a top India hand.

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