We are Winning. Don’t Negotiate. Don’t Screw it Up!

The events of this past weekend present the strategic situation in stark relief. On the one side is the massive display of power demonstrated in the Moscow celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE day, hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Participating was the majority of humanity as represented by military units of Russia, China, India, and other BRICS nations. Sitting next to Putin was Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had been in Moscow for the two preceding days in which he and Putin signed agreements integrating China’s One Belt-One Road policy with Putin’s Eurasian Union. On the other, were the noticeably absent, decrepit leaders of the dying transatlantic system who, presiding over a collapsing, bankrupt economy, were scared shitless by what Putin had pulled off.

This was clearly expressed by the pathetic performance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel who, along with Obama and France’s President Hollande, boycotted the May 9 celebration. But she traveled to Moscow the next day to try and negotiate with Putin.

Merkel is in a jam, LaRouche told his associates yesterday. The German situation is in a crisis. It cannot go along the way it is going now. Maybe some other people in Germany will be more serious than Merkel is, who I don’t trust one bit.

LaRouche continued, Merkel herself, who is already in trouble, is trying to find a negotiation that will cause Germany to give way on certain demands that she wants to have negotiated. And that will not work. And Russia will not accept it.

We’re talking about the threat of a general thermonuclear war. And the whole issue has been all the way up to this point, that the idea is to get Russia to lose its strength to defend itself, and thus to negotiate on those terms. And that is what the plan has been and what the policy has been.

There are undoubtedly certain figures inside Germany who really are serious about trying to get a final peace. You don’t need a negotiation. All the conditions for peace exist. There doesn’t have to be a concession from Russia on that. What has to happen is that certain people in Germany who are the same people who are trying to destroy the Greeks. And one of the conditions is that Germany is going to dump the attack on Greece. That’s the test.

We’re winning. And now since we’re winning they get scared. And they try and bargain. And they hope they can get a loophole, which Russia won’t give them anyway…

Look at the situation from the standpoint of balance of power. What has happened in Russia in the course of the last two weeks. What Russia has done with the support from India and China directly, with a massive military display. What have they done? They have intimidated the shit out of Western Europe. The British are technically on borrowed time. But what happened, is the Scottish thing is not finished. The so-called victory of England against the Scottish insolence is not going to work. Britain is bankrupt. Germany is on the verge of being threatened by bankruptcy, because of the collapse of the German economy. France is in a state of chaos. Italy is a piece of rubbish almost. And now you got a power, Russia, China, India, and plus, which means also Egypt, which means other things. What Putin has been able to pull off, not as a stunt, but as a policy, has intimidated and scared the shit out of western Europe.

What we have to do is simply acknowledge the fact that Russia has won the day. Don’t try and figure out negotiations. If Germany will concede to Russia, now that means that Germany would have to break with Britain and the Obama administration. And the same thing would be demanded by China. Because China is also under threat.

The weakened condition of the British Monarchy is also indicated by the vote for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the recent elections for the national parliament of the United Kingdom. In that election, the SNP took 56 of the 59 seats from Scotland, totally wiping out the British Labour Party. In an interview Sunday, Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP, said that the SNP will be the main opposition to the Conservatives’ austerity program and that she will push for a new independence resolution by as early as 2017.

It could come much earlier, LaRouche said. You have to think about one thing. The British Empire is in the jaws of failure. Now what’s the British Empire which controls all kinds of things in terms of evil people in all parts of the world. What’s their problem. The problem is that their power is about to be shattered. Look! We’re in a strategic situation where we have won a margin of influence we have not had for years. And, suddenly, it’s dropped in our laps, which the key is the recent Russia centered celebration. The Russian centered celebration, looking at the disintegration of Ukraine, economically, and otherwise, and the major collapse setting into motion in Germany, and the shattered condition of Italy, and the crisis in France. What the hell do you think the problem is? That what Putin represents as a force that is strategically winning.

The key to the situation, is what we do. Of particular importance, is the extremely prominent and rapid response by which Sputnik News featured LaRouche’s remarks on the Moscow celebration.

And the way they responded on me, from Russia this weekend, immediately and published by Russia to us, and about us. That tells you something, or should tell you something.

We are the only ones who have a significant response in this situation. So, let’s not blow it. Let’s not screw it up by adopting fantasies. The situation is perfectly understandable. And if you look at the display of Russian forces and the way they were deployed, and the international forces. The majority of the human population marched in Moscow in terms of their representation. The problem is there are two alternatives to that. One is to try to bargain Russia into pulling itself down. The other is to screw everything up and go directly into international warfare. The situation now, is that the Obama administration, which is the main instrument of the international war potential, is being stymied. And, on the other hand, the rest of the planet is not ready to do anything. And the forces which marched in Russia in this event, took the greatest alliance of forces on this planet, that with the military capability to match the political force. So we should not think that we can go about this as if you are going to get an answer from German forces in general. Because the financial interests in Germany will go extinct, if they concede.

Under these conditions, at this point, the British Empire is still wiggling, ready to fall. The Scottish case is a trigger, which has shattered the internal power of England as an entity, economically, politically. The reaction is that what we have been doing has worked. It’s not a big thing. It’s a small thing. But it’s a lever. And, the lever is Manhattan.

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