The BRICS New Move: ‘Real Wars are Sometimes Won This Way’

The United Nations Security Council was suddenly presented, May 11, with a “European” resolution demanding authorization to carry out a second war on Libya, under the “humanitarian R2P” pretense of the Mediterranean refugee crisis—caused by the first, Cameron/Obama war on Libya!

But real wars are sometimes won because the adversary is so cowardly, that they don’t look at the problems they really face.
— Lyndon LaRouche • May 11, 2015

And as Russia’s resistance formed against that, the British-run Gulf monarchs all suddenly gave their excuses, and pulled out of a Camp David summit this week with Obama—Saudi King Salman didn’t even bother with an excuse, but just cancelled.

These actions, both of which mean even greater and more genocidal warfare across the Mideast and Africa, are “British, British, British!” in origin. And Barack Obama, the great “leader from behind,” is being set up to be the British fall guy again.

His “allies” are actually the Royal Family’s and Tony Blair’s allies, and they want to sabotage all efforts at peace—especially peace with Iran. Their policy, is population reduction, including killing and starving people en masse.

The strategic situation now finds Obama being set up for more chaos and war—including war with Iran, potentially war with Russia—by the British; setting him up to be destroyed by the GOP, who will reap the effect of his discrediting.

Then not only all of the Mideast and Africa, but the United States itself will become a target for the kind of fascist austerity epitomized by Gov. Jerry Brown’s actions in the California water crisis. The drought problems are spreading to wider areas, and the death rates will accelerate as the GOP rejects solutions, acting under orders of a Wall Street and London whose policy is population reduction.

But the western financial oligarchy, centered in Wall Street and the City of London banking sector, are both evil, and incompetent at the same time. And now there is another, opposed, system.

Over against them, the BRICS-allied nations have emerged as both a growing combination for mutual economic development, and an imposing military-defensive power. No other conclusion can be drawn from the dramatic display in Moscow May 9, under the eyes of the presidents of Russia, China, and India among others. This display has badly frightened the British and Wall Street, even as their financial media and think-tanks deny the BRICS’ advances and their importance.

In the face of this, Wall Street and the City of London are very vulnerable; they are bankrupt and facing only another, worse crash.

The new move made by the BRICS over the weekend puts this in dramatic relief. Greece was publicly invited to join, and draw credit from, the “BRICS Bank” (New Development Bank) which begins operations in July. The invitation was made by Russia’s representative to the New Development Bank. It immediately shifted Greece to stronger resistance against the EU’s continuing demands for more murderous austerity.

“This,” commented EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche,

“is much more explosive than its discussion, even in Greek media, indicates. The European banks and economies are gravely vulnerable to Greece getting a new credit option, and leaving the euro. They are ready to blow, and this both provokes London/Wall Street crowd, and frightens them.”

The British oligarchy want global war, or total capitulation from Russia and China, as their only response to their bankruptcy. “But real wars are sometimes won,” LaRouche concluded, “because the adversary is so cowardly, that they don’t look at the problems they really face.” As here, with Wall Street and London and their stooge Obama, facing the BRICS.

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