Obama Is Going Down

 Events of the last several days make it clear that President Obama is going down–and fast. His own Democratic Party defeated his free trade bill in the Senate by an unprecedented near-unanimous “no” vote on Tuesday. Although there is subsequent talk of a compromise on four killer amendments that were demanded by Senate Democrats, there is no certainty that the renewed effort will succeed; and the votes are not there in the House.

Obama’s despicable boycotting of the Moscow commemoration of the defeat of Hitler blew up in his face, as many world leaders, particularly from Asia, joined with President Putin in celebrating mankind’s victory over fascism 70 years ago.

The latest indication that Obama’s White House days are numbered, came yesterday, when sane U.S. institutional forces intervened, and Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Sochi, Russia, for eight hours of talks with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and President Putin. The intent of the talks was to de-escalate the British-Obama provocations against Russia before they reached the point of thermonuclear war. Kerry delivered a clear message that sane circles in Washington intend to resume collaboration with Russia on war avoidance. The clearest public expression of this intent came during the joint press availability by Kerry and Lavrov, following the four-hour meeting with President Putin, when Kerry delivered a clear warning to Ukrainian President Poroshenko to back off from plans to resume military actions to retake the Donetsk Airport.

There are other indications that talks with Iran are moving ahead towards a P5+1 agreement before the June 30 deadline. This makes it all the more urgent that the Anglo-Saudi war plans be stopped dead in their tracks–by the continued mobilization to force the release of the 28 pages from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11.

This week, Seymour Hersh blew the lid off the Saudi-Obama Big Lie hoax around the killing of Osama Bin Laden. In a 10,000- word piece, Hersh revealed that Bin Laden was killed in a premeditated assassination, engineered with the Saudis. There was no fire fight with Al Qaeda guards. There was no torture-derived evidence that led to the location of Bin Laden’s Pakistani safehouse. Not one single detail of the “official” Administration account was true–and in the course of putting out one lie after the other, Obama betrayed the very Pakistani military officials who turned over the key information and ushered the US assassins into Bin Laden’s unguarded compound, where he was, in effect, under house arrest by the Pakistani ISI.

Lyndon LaRouche commented on Wednesday that the progress on the P5+1, combined with the Kerry talks in Sochi and the continuing Democratic revolt against Obama, also means that the drive to dump Obama is on an accelerated trajectory, and could mean that the looming financial blowout can be averted. This, he stressed, must be the intention.

With Obama down, it is possible to quickly cancel the financial fraud, and, through emergency legislation, launch a new financial and monetary structure to revive the productive economy. This begins with the immediate reinstatement of Glass- Steagall. There must be a revival of the productive economy, meaning that the gambling debt and the other waste must be eliminated and penalized. Glass-Steagall is more important than ever, given the current context. Credit must be developed for useful production, especially for training of a new generation of skilled workers. We must build up the fractured communities around the country that have been devastated by the economic policies of the past 40 years, and genuine economic growth must be restored on a progressively accelerating scale.

In short, the current system must be reversed, and the parasites have to go.

The shift that has taken place in the recent days is the consequence of some people facing the reality that the world was headed to thermonuclear extinction, and that the survival of mankind was directly on the line. The decision is clear: It would be beyond madness to run the risk of such a fate, and so, actions had to be taken to overturn the British-Wall Street desperate rush to war.

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