For a Genuine U.S. Revival, Dump Obama And His British Masters Now For a Genuine U.S. Revival, Dump Obama And His British Masters Now

The Obama presidency is in a well-deserved and long-overdue free-fall, and this is one factor in the desperate British attacks on Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche political movement in the United States and Western Europe, via the recent London coroner’s inquest into the death of Jeremiah Duggan, 12 years ago. While there were never any grounds for the London Coroner to counter the long-standing German investigative findings in the Duggan case, the intent of the coroner’s inquest was to provide cover for a desperate British Crown to launch their latest smear campaign against LaRouche, and, to placate some anti-LaRouche fanatics.

The British Monarchy is facing a process of disintegration. The Scottish vote in the recent House of Commons elections was the latest blow to the integrity of the so-called United Kingdom, and it will also have ramifications in Ireland and Wales. There is a raging debate over whether or not Britain should even remain in the European Union, and the looming breakup of the euro system, ostensibly over the Greek debt crisis, will mean further crises in the City of London.

It is high time for President Barack Obama to be removed from office by Constitutional means. The latest revelations, contained in the Sept. 12, 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency memo on the assault the previous day on the U.S. diplomatic sites in Benghazi, Libya, are a smoking gun. Immediate impeachment proceedings should be launched by the House of Representatives.

The prompt removal of Obama from office is not only the last, best hope for war prevention–his desperation and that of his British Crown patrons could lead to provocations against Russia and China, triggering a thermonuclear war of annihilation. By removing Obama now, the U.S. can take the urgently needed measures to begin the process of real economic recovery. The first step is the restoration of Glass-Steagall.

Lyndon LaRouche pointed on Sunday to the announcement by Peru, China, and Brazil that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to conduct a feasibility study for the construction of a transcontinental high-speed rail system from the Atlantic coast of Brazil to the Pacific coast of Peru. “We know what the Chinese are doing, and remember what the U.S. was historically capable of doing,” LaRouche declared. “It’s time to create an assembly of capabilities for building a national high-speed rail system for the United States. We need a single national institution for such a vital project, as this is the only efficient means for getting the job done.”

LaRouche elaborated: “We have a population, particularly a younger population, that is unemployed and lacking in certain basic physical economic skills. But they are capable of being trained, and the launching of such a coordinated nationwide project is the best way to provide that kind of on-the-job training. What China is already doing can be done, once again, here in the United States. We need more than just a rail system. We need an integrated transportation and energy system. That means dumping the green policy now, and dumping California’s Governor Brown, along with President Obama.”

LaRouche emphasized that, by dumping Obama and quickly organizing a national high-speed rail program, as a core of an overall national transportation system, we can revive the American System and align the United States with our natural allies in Eurasia, centered in the BRICS nations, led by China, Russia and India.

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