The Expulsion from the Monarchy’s Kindergarten

The twenty-third issue of EIR in 2015 will appear in the midst of the fateful two-week period of which Lyndon LaRouche spoke on May 26. On Saturday, Martin O’Malley is to declare for the Presidency. Almost at the same moment, the European system is scheduled to collapse, because Greece can neither pay the billions of euros demanded by the IMF during the month of June, nor will it submit to the actually murderous measures demanded by the Euro system as the alternative. That collapse of the Euro system, if it occurs, will immediately strike into the US through the collapse of Wall Street.

At the same moment, Obama is ripe for removal; all his crimes have returned, covered with blood, to assault him as at the end of Macbeth. Only his removal will cut the Gordian knot. But will Democrats show the courage to unseat him? Or if they don’t, or if they wait too long, Obama may unleash war,– even a war of extinction.

We have entered that two-week period. We may leave it with the rudiments of a new Hamiltonian Presidency,– even though many months before the scheduled Presidential elections. Or, we may leave it “feet-first.”

In the same discussion, LaRouche delineated the role of the tiny fraction of actual scientists among any human population. Only with their role, as few as they are, can we prepare for grandchildren who can do things they would never otherwise have been able even to imagine.

For EIR, we intend to illustrate this with an unusual selection of scientist: the late Edward Teller, who died in 2003. Other, earlier figures would also have illustrated it, but the shock-advantage the Teller story provides, is that he was a contemporary of most of our readers. Once they hear his story, they will ask, “But where was I? Was I living in a parallel universe?”

It was no coincidence that Teller was Lyndon LaRouche’s partner in the Strategic Defense Initiative policy. We will cover Teller’s policy in his brawl with the so-called scientists, where, as Lyndon LaRouche remarked, he was right and they were wrong.

In a Monday, May 25 discussion, and again on May 26, LaRouche also called for a revolutionary form of mass, modern high-speed rail development for the United States. It is this project into which we will bring in masses of existing, under-qualified labor, and rapidly upgrade them through a cadre system of development. We will re-unify our country, while dramatically increasing productivity.

LaRouche cited China’s program as an example in those discussions, and we intend to feature scientifically-based reporting on China’s program in the EIR. We intend also to feature a report on the brilliant German transportation-infrastructure program first launched by Bismarck, and continually improved-upon until recent years.

But, nevertheless, “This is all kind of antiquated, relative to what I’m doing,” LaRouche said today.

“Twentieth-century philosophy is wrong. And that’s where the problem lies. Because there was no immediate appreciation of what the meaning of creativity means.”The case of Einstein against the so-called scientists in his time is an example of this. They were all against him; they were all on the `practical’ line.

“The Einstein thing is critical; only Einstein had adopted a competent general policy of science, in that century. The others sold out, and they sold out to Bertrand Russell. Russell’s work with Bohr is a story that tells the story.

“The China and the Germany case form a comparison with other alternatives; they’re not correct either, but this is more reasonable than the other things; more reasonable, but not yet where we have to be.

“They can be re-examined, for the issues which go beyond what is generally taken into account.”

Meanwhile, Britain’s Chatham House (LaRouche said, “refer to it as Chatter House”), the Royal Institute of International Affairs, has just issued a 72-page paper which amounts to a declaration of war against Russia by the British Royals. “Russia cannot be a partner or ally…” They say it is false to argue, against regime-change in Russia, that Putin could be replaced by someone even worse.

LaRouche asked,”What authority do they have, to make these kinds of decisions?”

Sanctions against Russia must be maintained basically forever; it is wrong to ease sanctions because of Russian compliance with the Minsk accords, because the Minsk accords are worthless.

“These guys are stupid,” LaRouche interjected.

The EU’s cancellation of the South Stream pipeline was only the beginning: there must be more moves against Russian energy companies.

But their biggest implicit threats are against people in the so-called West who disagree with them. One of the major crimes they accuse Russia of, is “co-opting elites” in the West, through bribes, or even business opportunities.

They warn against “Trojan horse” political parties in the West, and warn that “it is urgent that we now look more closely at this activity at home.”

This is the not-so-hidden story of the massive raid on FIFA, the world soccer federation, on the orders of Obama’s Attorney-General Lynch yesterday, who locked up much of FIFA’s top officialdom on eve of the election of its next president.

Corruption in soccer in foreign countries is the business of Obama’s Attorney-General? Obama who has never put a Wall Street banker in jail for one hour?

Putin said the purpose was not to allow re-election of Joseph Blatter as president, calling it a crude breach in the principles of international organizations.

Some of the nut-jobs want to deprive Russia of the 2018 World Soccer Cup, which was already granted to Russia by FIFA. Deliver a bloody nose to Putin in the world of sports, after the Sochi Olympics allegedly did so much to build up his standing.

LaRouche summed up the case:”These guys are so stupid. They’re so petty, and so stupid. They really should be tossed out of kindergarten as unqualified.

“These guys are really,.. they try to masturbate, but they don’t know which way to pull.”

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