Gerry Adams : Crisis in the North due to Tory Budget Cuts

Today Sinn Féin has convened a special meeting of its Ard Chomhairle to discuss the developing crisis in the North and the threats to the institutions.

Speaking before the meeting Gerry Adams TD said;

“The institutions in the north are facing a developing crisis solely due to Tory party budget cuts.

“The Tory party are seeking to impose on the north, the same austerity policies that have devastated communities and the economy in the south.

“Sinn Féin will continue to oppose this approach.

“Over the past week there have been threats to push through cuts or remove powers from the Executive. These threats are unacceptable, unfair and undemocratic.

“The Executive needs the transfer of fiscal powers and a working budget. Sinn Féin has worked to build and maintain the institutions.  We are committed to safeguarding services, protecting the most vulnerable and building prosperity for all sections of the community, both north and south.

“We welcome the planned talks with both governments and parties next week. This is an opportunity for the parties to put forward a united voice against cuts and for a workable budget and powers to grow the economy.

“We will also raise the outstanding matters from the agreements and the Tory party’s damsideological assault on the European Convention on Human Rights which is a central component of the Good Friday Agreement. Conor Murphy has been in the United States to update the Irish American Community and political leaders.

“The Ard Chomhairle will determine our approach to these talks and threats to the institutions, budgets and agreements.”

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