LaRouche: We Are Now Faced with the Threat of a Terminal War

“We are now faced with the threat of a terminal war, that is a war that would be terminal for the human species,” Lyndon LaRouche stated in discussion this afternoon with the LaRouche PAC National Policy Committee.

“If Obama remains in power during the onset of the Fourth of July, a general world war will be oncoming actually soon. That’s what we’re faced with. And people think about different areas, different problems, different policies. They have to realize that there is a global policy, a unified global policy, which has to be recognized. There may be local events, but the real events which are important are the ones which are the threat of the extinction of the human species.”And what is happening in this process, under Obama–if Obama is not removed soon, the implication is that, within a month or so, or something like that, events are going to tumble in, and we are going to have a thermonuclear, global war. And from that, the problem is that there will probably be no outcome, except death.

“We came close to that, when President John F. Kennedy dealt with the Cuba crisis, which was actually threatening a global thermonuclear war. It was already there, and President Kennedy induced the Russian government to pull back. And the great bomb capabilities that Russia had available, were actually being fired off in the vacant land areas in northern Russia. And if that had not happened, if Kennedy’s intervention had not had that effect, we would have experienced something that is tantamount to what is threatening us immediately from the role of the British tool called Obama.

“If Obama is not removed from office very soon, or if an intervention of a relevant kind does not happen instead of that, then the whole planet, all mankind, could be threatened by extermination. And it’s not much different than what happened with Khruschev, what could have happened then.

“But this one is much bigger, and Obama is much worse, in terms of his policies. As a national policy, he’s the worst man on the planet in modern history, because what he threatens to do by his policy track, is the extermination of the human species, whether Obama knows that or not.”

Even as the threats against Russia coming from the mouth of Obama, and now from his cousin Jeb Bush, continue to escalate, saner voices are being raised around the planet to put a brake on this lunacy before it is too late.

In Germany, opposition to the British Empire’s insanity, as expressed in the recent policy intervention of the three leading statesmen–Schmidt, Schroeder and Steinmeier–is growing on various fronts, and related fissures are spreading across Europe.

In the United States, professional military leaders, such as Gen. Ray Odierno, have publicly stated that the breakdown in communications between the U.S. and Russia is alarming, and “definitely increases the danger of miscalculations” that could lead to dangerous escalation towards war. Top missile defense expert and former military adviser Ted Postol has called the threat of American deployment of intermediate range missiles in Europe “militarily stupid [and] could increase the chances of an unexpected accident or miscalculation that lead to nuclear war.”

And from the Russian side, the Putin government continues to warn the U.S. that the mooted possibility of returning intermediate-range missiles to Europe, along with the ongoing BMD deployment, poses an existential threat that Russia cannot accept. Yesterday, Foreign Minister Lavrov warned that “building up militarist rhetoric is absolutely counterproductive and harmful.”

That is why we must remove Obama from office, Lyndon LaRouche again emphasized today. That is the quickest, and only certain way to forestall the danger of thermonuclear war. He is a British agent, who is doing the British Empire’s dirty work, including defending a crumbling financial empire which is in fact the driving force towards war. As for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “I think she should be removed from her office promptly,” LaRouche stated. “What she’s doing, among other things, is she’s putting Germany in serious jeopardy.”

There is a clear pathway out of this war danger, and towards replacing the British Empire with a new international system coherent with Man’s true character.

“The issue is rather complex, but it’s fun,” LaRouche stated in discussion with colleagues yesterday.

“First of all, if Germany is allowed, by itself, to open up an active economic policy relationship with Russia, then the Russian economy is strengthened; and the German economy is protected, against a collapse, where it goes into the also-ran category of most of the rest of Western Europe. So this is the reality; and the imminent problem is now Merkel. As long as Merkel has any control with her policies over the German economy, the German economy will be soon plunging into the dismal condition of the other parts of Western and Central Europe.”


Calls for Restoring Communication to Avoid War Danger

U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno is speaking out against the sharp deterioration in U.S.-Russia relations, and how the deep freeze in communications, including between the two militaries, has gravely increased the danger of war being triggered by an incident that goes out of control. Yesterday’s Christian Science Monitor quoted Odierno’s comments to defense reporters on May 28:

“I’m a big believer in, no matter how big your disagreements are, it’s important that you continue to have discussions… I believe we should be having these conversations, but we’re not…I’ve actually tried to meet with my Russian counterpart on two separate occasions, and both times they’ve refused to do that in neutral settings. So it’s concerning.”

The CSM quotes a qualified expert on the Russian side, former defense ministry spokesman Viktor Baranets: “I don’t want to sound alarmist, but judging by the rapid pace of events and growing aggressiveness on all sides, we may be moving toward disaster.” The article cites an April 2014 air incident between Russia and the U.S., as well as the more recent case of the U.S.S. Ross in the Black Sea, as the kind of “near misses” which could rapidly escalate to catastrophic proportions in the current environment.

Lavrov Warns Against “Militarist Rhetoric” On INF Treaty

Strong reaction against US charges that Russia is in violation of the INF Treaty continue to come out of official Moscow. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday, that the U.S. has failed to provide any proof of Russian breaches of the treaty and added that Moscow is ready for an “honest but specific dialogue.” He stressed, Russia “has no intention to break the treaty.” When asked about the hints in the press that the US might respond by installing nuclear missiles in Europe, Lavrov warned that “building up militarist rhetoric is absolutely counterproductive and harmful.”

Lavrov said that the US has never provided any hard evidence to the Russians that can be addressed during consultations between the two governments. “They only say, ‘You test-launched a rocket, you know what we are talking about,'” he said. “But this is not a serious talk. We will be ready to consider concrete evidence that gives Americans grounds to think that we violated something,” Lavrov stressed.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov charged, Tuesday, that the real reason the US is making the allegation against Russia is to justify its own military plans. “Apparently, the US is ramping up the issue of Russian violations to justify their own ostensibly responsive military action that would be aimed at ensuring American leadership in confrontation with the mythical Russian military threat that Washington drums up regardless of all facts to the contrary,” Antonov said.

In its coverage of Antonov’s remarks, RT notes that Russia has complained to the US about the Mk41 vertical launchers being used in the NATO BMD installations in Romania and Poland. The Mk41 is the same system used to launch Tomahawk missiles from US Navy ships. According to the Russian argument, that, therefore, makes their installation on land a violation of the INF treaty, even if no cruise missiles are installed.

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