British Monarchy Imposes Policy of Genocide Against Greece

Lyndon LaRouche pointed directly to the British Monarchy, and Queen Elizabeth herself, as being responsible for the economic butchery being imposed on Greece today by her messengers, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

“That’s what the Queen’s late-June visit to Germany was all about, including her personal conversations with Merkel,” LaRouche stated today. The July 13 Euro Summit statement on Greece is a reflection of the British Monarchy’s policy of intentional depopulation and genocide, not some plan to collect the debt, which is manifestly impossible to collect under the kinds of conditions now being imposed on Greece. The British Monarchy’s stated goal, LaRouche explained, is to reduce the world’s population down to one billion people or less. And the EU has, for the moment, used the British Monarchy’s power to make of Greece a bloody example to make sure that no nation or people attempt to break out of the Eurozone concentration camp.

What the EU statement would enforce on Greece, with its take-no-prisoners diktats, is the “Cyprus template” so proudly announced by Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem back in March 2013. This is the “bail-in” robbery of the population’s bank deposits, as well as 50 billion euros worth of state-held companies and other national assets, on the way to butchering the population.

“They have no authority to do this,” LaRouche emphasized today. “There is a whole world out there, including nations such as Russia, China and others in Asia,” that are outside this insanity and are not going to concede to the world being run this way, because they know it means thermonuclear war. When they put their foot down, France will break from Germany, and other nations will do the same. The EU as a unit is finished: it is just a matter of when it crumbles.

Inside Germany as well, there are growing forces that will prefer to dump Merkel and Schaeuble, rather than see Germany destroyed as well. Merkel and Schaeuble are not reflective of German policy generally, LaRouche explained. “They are two jerks following the Queen’s orders,” and should be thrown out. The same holds for Barack Obama, on both counts.

LaRouche laid into the British Monarchy: “What are they doing? Going back to the Roman Empire?” This has no connection to reality; it is completely arbitrary and has no moral foundation. It is an attack on the independence and sovereignty of nations, and cannot be tolerated by a civilized world. It is bait for a thermonuclear war.

“We cannot have an international system like this,” LaRouche said. We are human beings, and human beings cannot be treated like slaves, the way the Southern Confederacy in the United States did—and still does, as seen in the legacy, still, of Thomas Jefferson. Greece is now being given the Confederate treatment, and American patriots will not tolerate this. For example, a group of four Senators have re-introduced Glass-Steagall legislation into the Senate, whose effect would be to bankrupt the British Monarchy’s Wall Street and the City of London, as they should be.

As for Hillary Clinton, LaRouche said, she has bounced herself out of the Presidential campaign by taking up a position, and sticking to it, against the return of Glass-Steagall. She does not have the qualifications to run, if she ignores the urgent need for Glass-Steagall, both to stop British economic genocide as well as their drive for thermonuclear war.

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