Showdown Moment for British Monarchy and Obama

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In his regular weekly dialogue with members of his Policy Committee on Monday, Lyndon LaRouche pointed to the events of July 13, when a single question, posed to Hillary Clinton, altered the course of American politics.  Hillary Clinton’s failure to answer a simple question about whether or not she supported the reinstating of Glass-Steagall, created a political firestorm, which has not yet subsided, and has further put the Glass Steagall issue in the center of the 2016 presidential campaign.

LaRouche told colleagues in the publicly aired discussion that “one minute” altered the course of the U.S. presidential race.  “History is shaped by interruptions,” LaRouche explained, like the insertion of the Glass-Steagall issue into Hillary Clinton’s New School appearance.  LaRouche went on to explain that “a sane society requires such creative interruptions.”

Another relevant instance of such “creative interruptions” is the scandal that erupted on Saturday, July 18, with the publication of a simple video of a 7-year old Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth II, doing a Heil Hitler salute, under the watchful eyes of her uncle, (the man who would become King Edward VIII and later the Duke of Windsor), her mother, and her father, the later King George VI.  The home movie footage, lasting all of 17 seconds, has triggered an international firestorm of coverage of the British Royals’ love affair with Adolf Hitler, throughout the 1930s.  On July 30, British TV Channel 4 will air a documentary of Royal Consort Prince Philip’s own deep Nazi ties (his three sisters all married top Nazi Party officials and SS officers).

Prince Philip has never abandoned the Nazi policies of mass population genocide, and to this day, he promotes the idea that the human population should be reduced from seven billion people down to one billion.  Suddenly, the very future of the British Monarchy is in doubt, at the precise moment that they are promoting a showdown confrontation between the United States and Russia, using their control over President Barack Obama as their key tool in promoting a war that could rapidly lead to a thermonuclear war of extinction.

Ukraine is the spark for provoking just such a war, and it is no coincidence that Ukraine is dominated by outright Nazis, offspring of the Banderist pro-Hitler forces who slaughtered Ukrainian, Russian and Polish citizens for the Third Reich during the Eastern Front campaign of the Second World War.  Not only does the Kiev government refuse to abide by the Minsk II accords; Right Sector killers are now manning border crossings in western Ukraine to Transdniestria, blocking the flow of supplies to Russian peace-keepers there.

A Nazi trigger for war with Russia is in place, so long as the British Monarchy remains in power and President Barack Obama remains in office in Washington.

The eruption of scandals that can bring down the House of Windsor and their Barack Obama is occurring at this moment because the survival of the human race is on the table, and not everyone is so insane as to march, like lemmings, into that fire.

As LaRouche emphasized to his colleagues, this is how history is actually determined.  Human willful intervention can alter events on a moment’s notice.

Glass-Steagall in the United States is another option for bringing down London, the British Crown, Wall Street and Obama.


British Royal-Nazi Links Go Viral; How Long Can the Monarchy Survive?

In the wake of Rupert Murdoch’s Sun tabloid publication of home movies of a 7 or 8 year old Princess Elizabeth giving a Nazi salute, the entire history of the British Monarchy’s love affair with Hitler and the Nazis has gone viral globally. Hundreds of newspaper articles have appeared in Britain, the United States (Daily Beast), Israel (Times of Israel) and as far away as Japan (Japan News), all picking up on strands of the high-level collusion between the British Crown and the Nazis throughout the 1930s, right up to the launching of the 1940 Battle of Britain bombing campaign.

While the Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII), the uncle of Queen Elizabeth II, is one central player in the British Royals-Nazi alliance, a second central figure is Prince Philip, whose three sisters were all married to top Nazi Party and SS officials.  On July 30, British TV Channel 4 will air a documentary, “The Plot to Make a King,” documenting Philip’s own deep Nazi ties, and the campaign by Philip and his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, to arrange a marriage between Philip and Elizabeth, from the time Elizabeth was 13 years old.  According to news accounts in all of the British tabloids on July 20, the documentary will, for the first time, reveal excerpts from Philip’s older sister Sophie’s diaries, revealing her deep affection and personal ties to Hitler.

The headlines of the world’s media were full of damning and fully-documented evidence of the deep alliance throughout the 1930s between Hitler and the British Royals, much of it engineered by German aristocrats who were blood relatives of both Philip and the Windsors themselves.  Headlines in The Mirror, which was at the center of the exposés of the Royals’ role in the assassination of Princess Diana, read “Adolf Hitler ‘Tried To Arrange a Marriage’ between Germany and the British Royal Family.”  As far away as Tokyo, the Japan News (formerly the Japan Times) ran banner headlines, “‘Heil Hitler’ Salute Photo Shines Light on British Royals, Nazis.”

The Times of Israel published an extensive interview with German-British historian Karina Urbach of the University of London, under the headline “British Archives Hiding Royal Family’s Links to Anti-Semitism in 1930s, Says Historian.” Urbach is the author of a new book, Go-Betweens for Hitler, detailing the role of the Coburg family in mediating ties between Hitler and the British Royals.  The scandals go far beyond the known profile of Edward VIII.  Carl Edward, Duke of Coburg, was a Hitler intimate from 1922, and was a grandson of Queen Victoria. He remained loyal to Hitler, and was a bridge to the British Royals for decades, using his family ties to promote the Anglo-Nazi alliance—that was already an essential part of British geopolitical strategy in the interwar period.

Urbach is leading a campaign to force the Windsors to publicly release the Royal Archives, which still contain extensive evidence of the British courtship with Hitler, despite the fact that, at the end of World War II, as reported in the Daily Beast of July 19, under the headline “Britain’s Royal Nazi Cover-Up,” Churchill sent a high-level team of British intelligence officers called “The Weeders” to Germany to seize archive material of correspondence between the British Royals and the Nazis and destroy them.  Clive Irving, author of the Daily Beast story, reported that “The weeders did a fine job.  Of any damning new evidence of treachery there was no trace.  I discovered that the Weeder-in-Chief had been none other than Anthony Blunt, whom we now know had, since the outbreak of the war (and long afterward) been a Communist mole at the highest levels of British intelligence.”

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