Will War Threat Bring Down Royals and Their Agents like Obama?

The threat of a thermonuclear war of extinction, provoked by the British Royals via their agents, including U.S. President Barack Obama, has reached a critical mass.  The Obama Administration is rushing ahead with the development of a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons, to be stationed throughout Europe, targeted on Russia.  The B61-12 is, in reality, an intermediate range missile, with greatly improved accuracy, permitting the use of much smaller scale nuclear warheads, thus lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear arms in combat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is well aware of this accelerating drive towards war.  On Saturday, he issued a presidential order, establishing a new reserve military force, to address some of the threats coming from NATO and the United States, particularly centered in Ukraine.  While Putin has put pressure on the Russian minorities in eastern Ukraine to fully comply with the Minsk II accords and more, the government in Kiev remains in the grip of the outright Banderist neo-Nazis.

As Lyndon LaRouche warned in a pointed statement last week, the British are using the neo-Nazi networks in Ukraine to stage the kind of provocation that can trigger a general war between the United States and Russia, a war that will be started by the American side under British asset Obama.

In discussions with colleagues on Sunday, LaRouche noted that the provocations around the deployments of the B61-12 will not in the least diminish Russia’s ability to launch a devastating second strike retaliation, and only heightens the danger of imminent war.  With the neo-Nazi Right Sector networks on a rampage in Ukraine, LaRouche observed, Germany and other European countries are going to be terrified by the growing war danger. They will be impelled to act to shut down the neo-Nazi operations in Ukraine now for their own survival.

If Putin makes clear public statements about the neo-Nazi character of the Ukraine regime, this will add to the pressure on Germany.  This miscalculation by the British can lead to the urgently needed strategic shift.  Germany cannot be associated with the likes of the Ukrainian Right Sector, who are outright Nazis.  A Nazi organization is running Ukraine, and that apparatus is being backed by the U.S. President and the British Royals.

If there were ever a moment to bring down the House of Windsor and its entire apparatus, that time is now.

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Continued Fallout from Doomed New Greek Murder Pact

The backlash against the genocidal deal shoved down the throat of the Greek government by the EU, continues to escalate.  Over the past days, two Daily Telegraph leading economic writers, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Liam Halligan, warned of the doom of the eurozone and lambasted the European Commission in Brussels for what one EU official, cited by Pritchard, called the “psychological ‘water boarding’ of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.”  Pritchard noted that, “There is not the slightest chance that Greece will be able to stabilize its debt and return to viability under the Carthaginian settlement imposed on Alexis Tsipras… The latest paper by the International Monetary Fund has torn away the fig-leaf.  The country needs a 30-year moratorium on debt payments and probably outright subsidies to recover from the devastation of the past six years… Some are already comparing the terms to the Versailles Treaty, but this does not quite capture the depravity of it.”

Pritchard went on to say that the only viable option for Greece was the proposal for a departure from the Euro—a proposal, ironically, that was put forward by German Finance Minister Schaeuble as early as 2012.  Pritchard said, however, that German Chancellor Merkel used the threat of Greek expulsion to terrorize Tsipras into capitulation.  “So we now have the worst of all worlds.  The deal is an atrocity.  The crisis has not been resolved. The integrity of the EMU has been breached. Greece has been publicly crushed and humiliated, yet for no purpose.  The country cannot possibly meet the demands.  There is no debt relief (other than a vague and worthless promise for the future).”  Pritchard concluded that Greece’s exit from the Euro is inevitable.

Liam Halligan wrote that the recent statements by U.S. Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney about looming interest rate hikes will not happen, because the crisis in Europe has not been in the least resolved, the EMU is in shambles, and the U.S. economy is not actually growing. “Western Europe, with its powder-keg currency union, and moribund banking sector, sporting over a trillion euros of non-performing loans, remains in grave danger of the systemic lurch. Policymakers everywhere know it.”

Stephen Lendman picked up, in a weekend column, on the latest interview given by former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who told BBC that the deal had “failed already.” Varoufakis explained, “We were given a choice between being executed (or) capitulation.”  Lendman added, “Tsipras chose the latter option instead of the obvious alternative one: voluntary Grexit, leaving a sinking ship, defaulting on odious debt, regaining monetary and fiscal control along with regaining full national sovereignty beholden to no foreign powers.”

Lendman ended by observing that “The Eurozone was doomed from inception.  Unworkable ideas can’t stand the test of time. Greece is the first crack in the system.  Expect others to follow.  It’s just a matter of time before dissolution becomes reality.”

Wolfgang Munchau, writing in the Financial Times, concluded, as well, that the Grexit is now inevitable as the consequence of the wretched deal that was imposed.

Modernized B61 Bomb Lowers Nuclear Threshold

The new capabilities of the modernized B61-12 nuclear bomb have been getting a lot of press lately, particularly since the first drop test of the bomb (without nuclear explosive package) on July 1. Revealnews.org, a project of the Center for Investigative Reporting, posted a long investigative report which makes the case that the new capabilities that are being integrated into the B61-12 actually risk lowering the nuclear threshold.

The first part of the report argues that the genesis of the B61-12 project was a deal that President Obama made with Senate Republicans to get Senate ratification of the New START treaty. It also describes a cozy relationship between the weapons labs, the contractors that manage them, and Congress, especially the Congressional delegation from New Mexico, where the Sandia and Los Alamos labs are located. In combination, all of this means hundreds of billions of dollars going to the labs to build weapons that Obama said, in his 2009 Prague speech, he wanted to rid the world of. In 2010, Obama agreed to commit $85 billion in nuclear weapons modernization over a decade in order to get Republican support for New START, but that price tag has since gone up to an estimated $348 billion over ten years. The B61-12 program accounts for $10.4 billion of that, and is the largest project currently underway at Sandia, accounting for a third of its budget, this year.

The report concludes with the military dimensions of the new weapon, including points that people like MIT professor Theodore Postol and the Federation of American Scientists’ Hans Kristensen have been making about it, that because of its design, it will have the effect of lowering the nuclear threshold:

“Unlike the free-fall gravity bombs it will replace, the B61-12 will be a guided nuclear bomb. Its new Boeing Co. tail kit assembly enables the bomb to hit targets precisely. Using dial-a-yield technology, the bomb’s explosive force can be adjusted before flight from an estimated high of 50,000 tons of TNT equivalent force to a low of 300 tons.”And that’s where the debate over the B61-12 moves beyond cost overruns, zeroing in on the granular details of its capabilities.

“Congress rejected funding for similar nuclear weapons at least twice during the past 25 years, saying enhanced precision coupled with less force would lead to less collateral damage such as radiation fallout that could harm allies—and thus a greater likelihood that the military would recommend that the president use the weapons.”

The Obama Administration and the Defense and Energy Departments claim that the B61-12 is not a new weapon, only an upgraded version of an old weapon and therefore, it doesn’t violate any commitments about nuclear weapons that the U.S. has made over the past couple of decades. “The tail kit provides the ability to get more accuracy,” says Sandia engineer Phil Hoover, who is charged with integrating the tail kit and other new components into the bomb. “We’re reducing the potential for collateral damage.” This kind of guided system, he continued, is “consistent with our digital aircraft today.”

The “digital aircraft” that Hoover is referring to is the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which will replace older aircraft not only in the U.S. Air Force, but also in the air forces of Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Turkey—NATO countries that are part of NATO’s nuclear mission.

“If the Russians put out a guided nuclear bomb on a stealthy fighter that could sneak through air defenses, would that add to the perception here that they were lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons?” asked Kristensen. “Absolutely.”

Donbass Independence Forces Unilaterally Withdraw More Weapons; Lavrov Calls on Kiev to Follow

The process of pulling out began after both the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic announced on Saturday that it was their intention to withdraw.

“Following the order from head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky, we begin today a unilateral withdrawal from the line of engagement of the weapons under 100mm calibre to the distance of at least three kilometres,” from the line of contact, Kozlov said, adding that the withdrawal was being organized in the presence of the OSCE mission representatives.

Kozlov also said, “While demonstrating the adherence to the Minsk agreements, we are making this step openly and unilaterally hoping the Ukrainian side follows suit.”

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had separate phone conversations with both German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin about the line of contact.  According to a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov emphasized in the conversation with Steinmeier, “the necessity of a speedy withdrawal of Ukrainian military units from the village of Shirokino where Donbass independence militia units have already been withdrawn,” reported Sputnik news.

In a February ceasefire agreement, both the Ukrainian military and the Donbass independence forces agreed to pull out weapons with a caliber of more than 100mm, but by late Sunday, Kiev was not honoring the moves by the LPR and DPR regarding weapons of lower caliber, reported Sputnik news.

“Documents, orders that would oblige us to withdraw weapons and vehicles to certain distances—weapons with a caliber of less than 100mm—we have not got them,” said Vladislav Seleznev, a spokesman for the General Staff of Ukraine, quoted in the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper, Sputnik reported.

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