Eisenhower Blocked Nuclear War; Kennedy Blocked Nuclear War; Does Hillary Have the Guts?


Hillary Clinton probably has the fate of the human species in her hands. If she acts now to expose what she personally knows about Obama’s lying criminality concerning the September 11, 2012 murders of four United States government representatives in Benghazi, Libya,— then Hillary’s Presidential campaign will be at an end, because she will be forced to betray her own complicity (even if it was reluctant complicity), with Obama. But she will have saved humanity from probable extinction, in a thermonuclear war which Obama will otherwise launch against Russia and China during the month of August, with Congress out of session.

Now it is only that one voice, that of the hitherto complicit Hillary Clinton, in breaking with her own complicity, which can either throw Obama out of office during August,— or else bring him so close to impeachment and conviction during August, that he is unable to launch the war which his mistress, the British Queen, demands.

Hillary’s personal situation,— that of her awesome personal responsibility at this instant,— may be unusual, but it is by no means unprecedented. If there has been no international nuclear war since 1945, causing hundreds of millions of casualties or worse, it has been because some US Presidents, and others, have passed the test which now confronts Hillary Clinton. They passed it because they came to recognize that absolutely no personal consideration, no sacrifice,— even that of their own lives and more, if it comes to that,— could remotely be compared with thermonuclear war. And today, unlike in those past decades, that war might be as short as two days, and would likely end the existence of our species.

Eisenhower had said in 1946, “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its stupidity.” When Eisenhower decided to run for President, he recognized the drift of Truman and the Truman Administration towards nuclear war, and was determined to reverse it. In the 1954 Dienbienphu crisis, as in the 1956 Suez crisis, he understood that descent into nuclear war was around the corner, and acted accordingly. Eisenhower inspired the institution of the U.S. Presidency for the truth, as he stated it in 1956, that “The only way to win World War III is to prevent it.”

The true facts of how close we came to nuclear war in 1962, and of everything President John F. Kennedy did to avoid it, are even today only known to very few. How he used his brother Robert as a totally-secret channel to the Soviet leadership, circumventing his contaminated cabinet and even his White House. He knew that their advice would probably lead to a devastating war. How he persuaded the Soviets to give up a large part of their war-making capacity. For all those critical days, only that one single objective dominated him totally. But he reached that objective,— even at the cost of his life.

Nor should it be forgotten how Pope John XXIII, then just as close to the end of his own life as was President Kennedy, himself boldly intervened into that crisis, totally on his own responsibility and against the advice of his Curia.

The mention of the Pope should remind us of how the office, or, better said, the responsibility, changes the man. It should remind us of St. Paul’s conversion on Damascus Road. This change, or the potentiality for this change, is the only meaning of being human. Those who deny that Hillary Clinton can make this change are guilty of a criminal cynicism about themselves.

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1 Response to Eisenhower Blocked Nuclear War; Kennedy Blocked Nuclear War; Does Hillary Have the Guts?

  1. Wednesday, May 6, 2015
    Our Man in Europe/dave delacroix/The Sundowners, Nos. 15: BOBBY SANDS & the HHHHH BLOCK!”

    …Said we would die; we knew?
    Said, for the sins of our fathers
    we’d hang from a tree, the tree
    under which
    we shared
    Love’s first kiss?

    …Said we go down…to Caven Town
    in a blaze of glory? And, said: we’d sit
    with Mama and a pint of Black?

    …Said it was Always, the Fife
    and the Drum and SWORE
    it was always a tear?

    And BANG the drum slowly
    and whisper: “Sweet Kate”;
    And be glad
    …of year after year.

    Said we would DIE, we knew?
    -for the Heroics
    of our fathers!

    Bang the drum slowly
    and don’t raise a frown;
    I’m marching thru Cavern Town.

    And play the PIPES
    U handsome boys and girls
    and sing of Bobby Sands;
    a Patriot
    A Patriot!
    A true blood of the Land.

    c 2015/davedelacroix/ourmanineurope/piacenza-italy.

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