The Guns of “Late” August

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The first half of August did not see a lessening of the danger of thermonuclear war; if anything, the situation as of Aug. 17 is even closer to the brink than it was two weeks ago. Ukraine is on a hair-trigger, as German Foreign Minister Steinmeier warned over the weekend: the situation is “explosive,” and there is a danger of “a new military escalation spiral.”

Russia continues to issue its stark, matter-of-fact warnings. This time it was Col. Victor Tymoshenko, the Chief of Staff of the Main Center for Missile Warning of the Russian Aerospace Forces (the newly created branch of the Russian military), who told RSN radio about Russia’s missile warning system. “The current early warning system can detect any launches from any direction from south or north or any other. It is impossible to commit any act of aggression without us finding out…[He added that]…the anti-missile warning system evaluates the energy of the ‘torch’ itself, and based on that it registers what type of ballistic missile it is.”

Lyndon LaRouche commented today that the United States has similar capabilities, but at this point the Obama administration and others–notably the British Empire–are pushing hard for immediate action against Russia. Russia and President Putin in particular, LaRouche added, have been very clear and issued unmistakable warnings: Russia is prepared, and Obama would be coming into a trap. That much of the issue is settled so far, LaRouche stated.

What is not settled, LaRouche said, is how do we intervene to stop the fact that the world is heading into a wild conflict. The major threat comes from our failure to take the proper kind of action to derail the war drive–starting with the removal of Obama from office.

The German population has a reaction to these threats of nuclear war, since they are facing the highest aspect of that threat, which is itself a strategic factor of significance. Germany is not a passive element; it plays a very special role, different than that of other European nations, and is therefore an integral part of all serious strategic planning.

Our job, LaRouche concluded, is not to nibble at the edges, but to engage in grand strategy. Our activities in Manhattan, as the center from which to reorganize the entire United States around a classical cultural renaissance, are what is strategically crucial. That goes to the heart of the issue; other approaches do not.

As LaRouche summarized the strategic situation in his weekly discussion with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee today:

“We are faced with the fact of thermonuclear war, which is hanging right over us. And therefore we have to have a unified force to get some of the people in the leadership of the U.S., as such, now, we have to get them mobilized to understand what a real society actually is. Our use of music, of classical musical composition, becomes the medium by which we bring the nation as a whole into a common understanding of what the meaning of life really is…”The key problem which we have to address most directly is Wall Street… We have to dump the most devilish problem in the US right now. Glass-Steagall–that means dumping Wall Street… It’s a job of great pleasure! We eliminate Wall Street because it’s intrinsically worthless. We simply go back to the FDR policy of Glass-Steagall…

“That in turn eliminates the cause for thermonuclear war, because if the U.S. is not going to be engaged in thermonuclear war, then we’re not going to have it. We in the United States have available to us, as a nation, all of the things needed to solve this problem.”

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