An Insane President Will Launch Nuclear War in August; What Democrats Must Do to Prevent It

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Barack Obama intends to use this August through early September period, with Congress out of session, to launch a nuclear attack on Russia which will immediately become an annihilating nuclear war. He is moving right now, not only to take advantage of the absence of Congressional scrutiny, but also in a period of ongoing personnel shifts in the Pentagon, which mean that the top brass who would otherwise call a halt, are not in a position to stop him.

Obama has shut down all the regular civilian government channels of consultation with Russia which could otherwise avert war. Only the military-to-military channels remain. But he is using Pentagon personnel-changes to make them inoperative as well, as he prepares to launch war.

This war is not about Ukraine; Ukraine is only a pretext. Why did Obama’s top official, ex-Cheney advisor Victoria Nuland, brag about spending $5 billion replacing Ukraine governments? Why did she run a coup in early 2014 to replace the elected Ukraine government with swastika-carrying Nazis, under her chosen Prime Minister “Yats,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk? None of this was about Ukraine at all. It was all for the sake of a total war-provocation against Russia. How else could you describe Obama’s bringing open Nazis, along with hostile US troops, right onto Russia’s borders,— into the heart of Russia’s security zone? It was a provocation to prepare for a nuclear strike. That strike is now ready to go.

Russia will not strike the United States unprovoked. But Putin’s Russia is ready, once Obama strikes first, for a devastating, all-out retaliatory blow. Just that strike and counterstrike themselves, not to speak of the bigger process they unleash, will be enough to end human civilization, or even the human species.

Now, at one minute to midnight, leading Democrats, including Presidential candidates, have only one choice. They must calmly but firmly remove Obama’s hand from the nuclear button; take away his Presidential powers while there is still time. Your frightened “average citizen” may sputter that this is impossible, that it can’t be done. But it can be done, and in fact it has been done before under our Constitution. All that it takes is vision, courage and leadership. And these still exist in America. We have leaders who can come forth to do the job, as earlier in our history.

One such leader was our great President John F. Kennedy. Unlike most of his advisors, he understood what was at at stake when it came to the risk of war with Russia. Kennedy went around those advisors to prevent a thermonuclear war in 1962, through direct negotiations with Soviet leader Khrushchov, sometimes using his brother Bobby as a secret back-channel. Afterwards, some of our British-loving circles around Hoover’s FBI and the Dulles Brothers, were not so happy with what John Kennedy had done, so they killed him. Then they killed his brother Bobby later, when he was about to win the Democratic Presidential nomimation, and then go on to the Presidency.

But the Kennedys exemplify the quality of leadership we require today, to prevent thermonuclear war by removing Obama.

The successive murders of those two real leaders, ultimately led to the Presidency of Richard Nixon, who was one of our most mentally disturbed Presidents until the later George W. Bush, followed by the even worse Barack Obama. Nixon was trying to establish a dictatorship, but he was removed shortly after being re-elected. How? By the wisdom and leadership of leading Republicans. Recognizing Nixon’s advanced signs of insanity in Summer, 1974, and fearful that he might launch a military adventure, Nixon’s own Cabinet, under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, ordered the Pentagon to ignore any order he might give them. Soon thereafter, a committee of leading Republicans visited Nixon and told him he had to resign, which he did.

The 25th Amendment prescribes how to remove a President who “is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” for physical or mental reasons. It has never been needed more than it is today; there is no greater moral insanity than Obama’s plan for launching thermonuclear war. If it happens, those who refuse to act to remove Obama are the ones responsible. Are they freezing up because they fear him as the murderer and the Nazi that he is? You lose the war if you flinch.

I’m interested, I’d like updates.

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