Pentagon Brass Fear Obama’s Nuclear Trip-wire Can Start World War

Sources close to the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff confirm that there is growing fear that President Obama could trigger a thermonuclear war with Russia, and that the planned deployment of a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons into Europe is just the kind of “trip-wire” provocation that can lead to an all-out strategic conflict.

According to one source, top Pentagon officers are avoiding making any public comments about these fears, but are nevertheless growing more and more worried that President Obama could take actions against Russia, leading to an escalation into general war.

One source noted that, while even his sharpest critics admit that Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter is an expert in nuclear warfare and disarmament policies, there is no one at the White House with any degree of competence to hold back Obama from some reckless action.  During the first Obama term, Gary Samore, a former Clinton Administration presidential advisor on nuclear policy, was White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction.  He had worked at Lawrence Livermore Labs, at the RAND Corporation, and at a number of think-tanks devoted to nuclear weapons policy.  Even critics of Samore acknowledge that he was well-informed on the issue, and when he left the Obama Administration, along with a number of other former Clinton Administration personnel, there was no one brought in to replace him who had any background on nuclear war and war-avoidance.

According to a source close to the JCS, President Obama is prepared to deploy 748 upgraded B-61-12 tactical nuclear weapons to continental Europe, all directed against Russia.  Russia has also deployed new-generation battlefield nuclear weapons to the Western front, in response to the Obama Administration’s ABM deployments and other provocations.

With European NATO countries in economic crisis, and with sequestration and the so-called “Asia pivot” draining conventional forces from Europe, the growing danger is that tactical nuclear weapons are being treated as “first resort” weapons, integrated into the conventional force commands in Europe.

Under these “trip-wire” conditions, the danger of President Obama remaining in office becomes existential.  As Lyndon LaRouche has warned, repeatedly in recent weeks and months, Obama is willing to run the risk of thermonuclear holocaust in his belief that he can bluff Russian President Putin into submission to Anglo-American demands.  Under these circumstances, Obama must be removed from office under the 25th Amendment before he triggers thermonuclear annihilation.

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